International Students Comments

Abuelgasim Ibrahim Idriss Musa

Sudanese Alumnus

CUI is home to students from all over the world; with its great academic programs, supportive faculty, staff and social environment. CUI has given me confidence and taught me to never stop yearning for knowledge. I have become an independent individual and am equipped with skills necessary to be positive and confident to face the social world ahead of me. Thanks CUI and Thanks Pakistan.

Babatunji Omoniwa

Nigerian Alumnus

COMSATS University Islamabad stands for excellence, professionalism and hope for the common man. During my master’s studies in CUI, I experienced a different lifestyle, made new friends, and learnt new things. The university provided world-class faculty members and supported high level research activities with state of art facilities. Furthermore, CUI provides scholarship to talented and promising students from all over the world, of which I am a beneficiary. I am proud to be associated with this great institution of learning.

Essa M. I. Elhamalawia

Palestinian Alumnus

Unlike the image portrayed abroad, Pakistan is a very safe place to live and study. Pakistanis love foreigners and have always made me feel at home. I would definitely recommend CUI to other prospective students.

Haitham Abdin Mohamed

Sudanese Alumnus

I had a fantastic time at CUI, where I got to learn from my class fellows, scholarly faculty and staff who were always very kind and helpful in every possible way. I also met people belonging to different nationalities and made numerous friends during my stay at the university.

Haneen Anwar

Jordanian Alumna

I was in search of a scholarship to fund my education and was privileged to receive the very competitive Association of Commonwealth Universities (ACU) scholarship to study at CUI. This opportunity to studying molecular biology has given me the rare chance of contributing towards research on diseases that will hopefully help improve lives.

Haris Ja'afar Bello

Nigerian Alumnus

My experiences at CUI, so far have been amazing. I have learned and experienced so many new things within the months I spent here. Although I did my MS degree from here so the environment is a very welcoming place and provided me with high quality education and facilities that’s why I came back for my PhD. However, to me there is no other university in the world like CUI.

Hasnul Banna

Bangladeshi Alumnus

I am studying under the CUI scholarship program. It has really proven to be a wonderful decision to study at CUI and I am hopeful that the future will hold a lot of prospects for me.

Hidayatullah Amarkhail

Afghani Alumnus

CUI staff and faculty have been very helpful in accommodating and orienting me. I find faculty members to be very approachable and helpful. They go out of their way to address ones problems.

Loai Nizar Abu Saif

Palestinian Alumnus

My friend, a CUI alumnus recommended this university to me and I’m glad I took his advice. CUI staff and faculty have been very helpful in accommodating me by making me familiar to the university environment. These 2 years of my Master’s journey at CUI and Pakistan were the best experiences of my life.

Moein Rahmani

Iranian Alumnus

I looked at various universities but chose this because it had the specialization I wanted. My strongest impression of the University is the kindness of its teachers. I was anxious about many things before I entered university but as soon as I started here the teachers gave me lots of advice and eased my mind.

Mohammed Sheu

Nigerian Alumnus

My overall experience at CUI is all about happiness, good news and a dream come true. So many things are worth acknowledging about this university. Starting off with highly qualified academic staff and faculty members, who are always there to help and guide you; as their teaching style is student focused. Moreover, CUI library is world standard and very well equipped with reading and research material to aid in learning.

Omaji Samuel

Nigerian Alumnus

I enjoyed studying at CUI, all the staff was truly professional and the progress is sure and fast. I appreciated the high level of involvement of the faculty, fully focused on the student objectives. The environment at CUI is helpful for learning and career development. One of my most favorite things was the multi varied culture at the university, there are students from everywhere like Nigeria, Palestine, Sudan, Somalia and so on.

Prem Thapamagar

Nepalese Alumnus

The University staff has helped me to learn more about the university and my course, and all the other students on my course are very nice. The COMSATS Institute is very nice, the tutors are very good, it is a very beautiful campus and it's worth coming here!

Pakistan has been very hospitable to me; the people here are very welcoming and I’ve also discovered a large community of other students from my country here.

Raji Akeem Adewale

Nigerian Alumnus

COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), is an institute that offers an enjoyable learning environment with wonderful students from all over the world. The institute offers many growth and development opportunities and a chance to learn how to think outside the box and to always find new ways to achieve the best results from their faculty, staff and students. CUI is an exciting place to explore diverse and innovative ideas. I felt like a part of CUI family during my course work because it was an exciting experience to work at CUI and I look forward to the opportunities and challenges that come with the expansion of research with the institute again.

Ramzan Ali

Afghani Alumnus

I am proud to be a part of a professional environment at CUI where students are provided state of art facilities for their studies and stay. The faculty members are very professional and friendly. The students are taught and trained in a manner that they can perform best in their professional life. For nourishment of our soft skills we have also been provided opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities, where we have an access to use the sports facilities like cricket ground, football field, badminton, and tennis courts.

I am glad to be the part of CUI family and wish to make this Institute proud by contributing for welfare of society.

Rumeng HE

Chinese Alumna

My experience can simply be described as amazing and fulfilling. Studying in such a serene and comfortable environment under the tutelage of professors greatly helped my academic pursuit. Hence, I look forward to a future academic engagement with CUI again. 

Sanni Musodiq Kehinde

Nigerian Alumnus

To start with, studying in COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) is as studying in one of the famous universities in the world. In CUI, the quality of the teaching I received goes beyond reasonable doubt due to the calibers of their academic staff most of which are known internationally at the level of research and findings. Indeed, I enjoyed a well-equipped University library most especially their effective procedures in obtaining the softcopy of textbooks and guidelines in locating them. I enjoyed a standard Mathematical research center, a place to reason mentally to turn Mathematics around during difficult situation to solve harder problems.

Tayo Ogunjemiyo

Nigerian Alumnus

My experience in CUI was pretty amazing. The diversity of culture and the unique combination of people and students made it a special place for an unforgettable learning and growth experience. It has broadened my horizons and engaged me in constant personal development, not only from my classes but from the wonderful community around me as well. The memories I made during my study time in CUI will be with me forever.

Tobias S. Pahle

German Alumnus

Recommendations from friends were what made me come to study at CUI. Islamabad is an area blessed with nature's bounty. The water, fish and rice are all delicious and so I think that it is a very comfortable place for international students to live. The campus is beautiful and has a relaxed atmosphere. I think that, as a national university, there is a good set-up for international students.

Uche Ugochukwu David

Nigerian Alumnus

One very interesting and important aspect of my stay at CUI was the sound disposition of all the faculty members I have interacted with, always willing to listen to you and help out in whatever way both academically and on personal basis. I must say my stay at CUI and in Pakistan has been really worthwhile.