International Office


  1. What is the International Office (IO)?

    IO is a principal pillar of CUI which helps to lead the strategic direction of internationalisation in CUI. It is our role to project CUI globally and ensure a global outlook in every aspect of the CUI mission.
  2. Why is Internationalisation important?

    Today we are all global citizens. Internationalisation means that we can pool resources for excellence; we can have borderless information flow and learn from each other; and most importantly CUI graduates whether in Islamabad or Vehari have global competencies that mean they can adapt themselves in any part of the world.
  3. How can I benefit from IO?

    If you are a Student the IO has a host of activities, exchange opportunities and scholarships for you to benefit from. Some of them are open to the public and others are CUI specific. Keep visiting our webpage and checking out the Active Opportunities tile and Upcoming Events to see how what we have on offer. If you are a CUI Faculty or Staff Member, once again IO advertises scholarships, training opportunities, research grants and mobilities both public and CUI specific. IO can also facilitate international duty travel and developing international partnerships. If you are an International Visitor IO can connect you to the write department, make arrangements for your visit and help you in developing a partnership between your institution and CUI.
  4. How many foreign universities have exchange programs with CUI for faculty members?

    We have some fantastic opportunities in different faculties and regions. There are also more general funding opportunities for specific visits. Please visit the International Trainings and the Foreign Faculty Visits tabs to find out if there is anything suitable for you.
  5. Does IO provide grants for international Seminars?

    Unfortunately IO does not have any funding for this purpose.
  6. What is the significance of MoUs?

    MoUs with different universities of the world help COMSATS in frequent visits from the foreign universities and help us in collaborating with these universities. It helps CUI in various disciplines and research.
  7. How does the IO need me?

    If you are a Student keep in touch with what we’re doing! We have a lot of opportunities to offer and we need you to avail them and let us know how your experience was. If you have any ideas for internationalisation at your campus let us know via your Student Affairs office. If you are a Staff or Faculty member there is a lot that can be done:
    • Use our opportunities
    • Communicate them to the appropriate persons
    • Share your news! We can advertise it across the globe
    • Own our partnerships, see what you can do to take them forward
    • Cultivate and share your international contacts
    • Do you have a foreign degree? Check out our Alumni Associations and get involved!
  8. How can I contact the International Office?

    Use the Contact Us Form and the appropriate person should get back to you soon. Or else, meet our team members and see which regions each unit works with. You can email the members of the unit and see if they can be of assistance.