Faculty Exchange Program of HEC

HEC has revamped Visiting Foreign Faculty Program to Faculty Exchange Program (FEP). The Faculty Exchange Program is designed to enhance teaching and research collaboration of Pakistani institutions and faculty with partner institutions around the world. The program allows Pakistani faculty to go abroad and foreign faculty from technological advanced countries (preferably from top 200 ranked universities or top 500 universities subject wise can be invited) to visit Pakistan.
Under FEP the duration is:
  • The minimum duration of the visit is two weeks except for academic sabbatical where the duration will depend upon the availability of faculty but not more than sixteen weeks or a regular semester.
  • The visiting foreign member may also spend time in more than one institution and visit plan must be mentioned in application form and approved from the host institution as well.

HEC will pay at the following rates to Foreign Faculty to Pakistan:

  • For short visit (minimum 2 weeks), honorarium will be paid at the rate of US$ 100 per Diem.
  • For academic Sabbatical (12-16 weeks), honorarium will be paid at the rate of US$ 2000 - 3000 per month depending upon credentials of the faculty.


Post-PhD Experience


Assistant Professor or Equivalent

5 Years

2000 US $

Associate Professor or Equivalent

10 Years

2500 US $

Full Professor or Equivalent

15 Years

3000 US $

  • Economy class return air ticket by the most direct and economical route.

  • The host institution will arrange accommodation and transportation facilities to the foreign faculty member. Reimbursement will be made after the visit subject to submission and acceptance of a visit report and travel documents.
  • Host Institutions shall pay the honorarium and air fare expenses (as of actual) to the foreign faculty before his/her departure; in case of those who are being invited for more than one month they should be paid after completion of first month.

Funding (Pakistani Faculty to Foreign)

    1. Air Travel - Economy class return air ticket by the most direct and economical route.

    2. Accommodation - charges will be paid at prescribed rate per night for visiting days plus one day, maximum of 2-16 weeks.

    3. Daily Allowance – half of the daily allowance as per government rules for various countries.

The current limits for the above heads are:


Budget Head


Current (2019) Budgetary Limit


Air Travel


Economy class return air ticket by the most direct and economical route

United States of America

Europe & Africa

Australia, Japan & Far East

Turkey & Middle East

Iran & Bangladesh

China & Russia

Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia & Nepal


Central Asian Countries



US$ 100 per night


Daily Allowance

Half of the daily allowance as per government rules


  • The fund is not intended to support courses [such as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or other courses] which are not linked to a research program/ project as outlined in the application.

  • The purpose of the fund is not intended to support coursework towards obtaining Postgraduate degree certificates by staff who are registered at universities.

  • Any publication/document resulting must acknowledge the support by the Higher Education Commission, Pakistan.

How to Apply:

All applicants will be required to upload their CVs on the standard format in the HEC careers portal (https://careers.hec.gov.pk/). Application form is attached for convenience or Click here to download. Application must be endorsed by Chairman/Dean/ HoD of the foreign HEIs. 

Proposals must be prepared jointly by the collaborating institutions. The International Office after obtaining approval from the Rector will submit application to HEC for processing with the following documents:

  • Complete CV on HEC careers portal (https://careers.hec.gov.pk/)
  • A copy of the DOU/MOU signed between collaborating institutions.
  • Complete visit plan based on the mutually agreed activities along with expected tangible outcomes.
  • Curriculum vitae of visiting fellow. 

The applications are accepted and processed on rolling basis. It is advisable to submit the application through the Director of Concerned Campus to International Office at least three and half  months before the tentative visit dates.

For more information, please visit: https://hec.gov.pk/english/services/universities/FEP/Pages/default.aspx