Mission, Values & Objectives

International Office

Mission, Values & Objectives


“To foster international collaborations for borderless learning, research and economic development whilst showcasing COMSATS excellence on a global platform”

Values of the International Office

  • We Value and Respect all members of our team and the community
  • We encourage and promote Cultural Diversity and Religious Tolerance
  • We Welcome and Facilitate all international members and visitors to our institution
  • We uphold principles of Integrity, Professionalism and Cooperation


A wide array of responsibilities falls under the International Office umbrella, however our defined objectives are:

  • Showcasing COMSATS achievements and strengths in the international arena
  • Creative exploration of international opportunities and collaborations
  • Facilitating CU members in connecting with international scholarship, training and funding opportunities
  • Recruitment of International Students and Faculty
  • Facilitating and supporting international students and visitors
  • Promoting a tolerant, multi cultural, globally aware environment within the CU Campuses