Message from Head

International Office

Message from Head

Welcome to the International Office (IO) of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI).

Established in 2007, the IO at CUI was created in recognition of the global nature of the academic community. Since its inception, the primary mission of the International Office has been to enhance CUI's international standing. Our vision at the International Office is to infuse a genuinely international, intercultural, and global dimension into CUI's objectives, educational practices, research endeavors, and service functions.

As a central hub, we facilitate connections between CUI and higher education institutions, organizations, and communities worldwide. Our goal is to bolster global engagement, cultivate partnerships, and elevate CUI's international profile.

We actively explore opportunities on a global scale while providing support and guidance to students, faculty, and staff regarding current and potential international programs, partnerships, and collaborations. The International Office collaborates closely with all academic departments and offices at CUI.

Maintaining strong ties with the diplomatic community, we aim to foster cross-cultural relationships and goodwill, thereby enhancing CUI's reputation in partner countries. Aggressive recruitment initiatives attract international students to CUI, fostering cross-cultural understanding. We also seek to attract a talented pool of international faculty and researchers for both short and long-term engagements.

Recognizing the need for excellence on a global scale, we benchmark international best practices to sustain CUI's rankings and reputation worldwide. Our comprehensive administrative services include reception, operational support, visit and tour management, program development, and logistics support.

Throughout the year, the International Office organizes special events for both staff and students, cultivating a multicultural environment; grounded in tolerance and respect within CUI and the local communities.

We invite you to explore our website to discover the array of opportunities available. Whether you are interested in international scholarships, past events, upcoming activities, standard operating procedures, CUI system links, international Memoranda of Understanding (MoU’s), web news, biannual newsletters, or photo galleries capturing IO activities, our website is a valuable resource. For prospective international students and faculty, we provide information on joining CUI and the benefits therein.

If you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact me or any member of our dedicated team.

Dr. Hammad Omer (T.I)

Head, International Office