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Visit of Chinese delegation to Pakistan - 0900 AM on Sept 6, 2023

Thursday, September 7, 2023

Southeast University Visits COMSATS University Islamabad to Foster Collaboration on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures

Islamabad, September 6, 2023 – A delegation from Southeast University (SEU) Nanjing, China visited COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) Pakistan on September 6, 2023. The delegates were comprised of Professor Chen Zhongfan, Professor Huang Xing-Huai, Dr. Yeshou Xu from School of Civil Engineering Southeast University China. In a significant development aimed at strengthening scientific cooperation between Pakistan and China, the delegation are currently visiting universities of Pakistan and National Disaster Management Authority from September 3 to 14, 2023.

The visit to CUI Islamabad Campus was marked by a convivial reception, participants’ introductions, enlightening presentations of CUI, its Faculty of Engineering. The delegates from SEU made presentation about their university and smart disaster management. The visitants engaged in fruitful discussions with COMSATS counterparts comprising Dr. Shahzad A. Malik, Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Sohail Asghar, Professor of Computer Science and In-charge, CUI Islamabad Campus, Mr. Ali Tawab Baloch, Head of International Office, Dr. Tahir Mehmood, Head, Department of Civil Engineering, CUI Wah Campus, Dr. Imran Riaz, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering, CUI Wah Campus, Dr. Jabir Hussain Syed, In-charge, China Study Centre, CUI Islamabad Campus, Dr. Muhammad Imran Shahzad, Head, Department of Meteorology, CUI Islamabad Campus and team from International Office.

The key focus of discussions was establishment of a China-Pakistan Belt and Road Joint Laboratory on Smart Disaster Prevention of Major Infrastructures and Capacity Building of existing labs of Civil Engineering Department of designated universities of Pakistan, including COMSATS University Islamabad. The cooperation mode was envisioned: setting open fund, talent training, promoting products and technologies and joint research and development.

The delegation had the visit of COMSATS’ campus and explored library, China Study Centre and China Book Corner, gaining a comprehensive understanding of university’s academic prowess. The visited ended with click of group photograph.