The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Islamabad Campus began its journey in 1999 with induction of first student batch. We offer a congenial environment for studies in the disciplines of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Computer Engineering leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. Our curriculums are unique in that they enable students to learn techniques required to solve complex engineering problems and at the same time equip them with other professional skills.

We present to you a wide range of academic opportunities at COMSATS University Islamabad. As a leading institution in Electrical and Computer Engineering, we offer comprehensive Bachelor's, Master's, and Doctoral programs designed to empower students with the knowledge, skills, and expertise necessary to excel in their chosen fields. All our programs are recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC). Moreover, all our undergraduate programs are also accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) under their prestigious Outcome Based Education (OBE) framework that grants these programs substantial international equivalence to undergraduate programs of other Washington Accord Signatories. This translates to enhanced professional recognition of our graduates going abroad. Moreover, the recently released QS subject ranking for the year 2023, ranks COMSATS University globally at number 267 in the subject of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, whereas it is ranked at number 2 at the national level. Our graduate students often get the opportunity to work on funded projects won by our esteemed PhD faculty members and funded PhD/MS positions are also announced from time to time.

Here's a brief overview of our exceptional degree programs:

Bachelor of Science (BS):

Our undergraduate BS programs provide a solid foundation in Electrical and Computer Engineering with a focus on both theoretical knowledge and practical application, our BS programs prepare students for exciting careers in various industries. Under the guidance of our esteemed faculty members, students engage in hands-on projects, internships, and research opportunities to develop a well-rounded skill set. We facilitate our students in job placements through developing their soft skills and arranging recruitment drives. Our graduates are in high demand in industries ranging from automation, power, defense, telecommunications, software and IT. Accreditation details of our offered undergraduate programs are provided in Table below.

Program Title Accreditation Status Approved Seats (per annum)
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Computer Engineering Accredited up to Fall 2020 Intake (Spring 2024 graduating batch) 100
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical (Electronics) Engineering Accredited up to Fall 2021 Intake (Spring 2025 graduating batch) 50
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering Accredited up to Fall 2021 Intake (Spring 2025 graduating batch) 250

What sets Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering COMSATS University Islamabad apart:

Distinguished Faculty: Our faculty members are renowned experts, dedicated to mentoring students and pushing the boundaries of knowledge in their respective fields. They bring a wealth of expertise, research experience, and industry connections to the classroom.

Cutting-Edge Facilities: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering COMSATS University Islamabad boasts state-of-the-art research centers (CAST) and laboratories equipped with the latest technology and resources. Here, students have access to cutting-edge tools and facilities, enabling them to excel in their academic pursuits. These labs include, but are not limited to:

  • Fundamental Labs like Circuits Lab, Electronics Labs, Digital Logic Design Labs for foundational electronics and digital circuit design
  • Advanced Computing Labs like Microprocessor, VLSI & Digital Signal Processing Lab, and Computer Organization & Architecture Lab to perform experiments in IC design, microprocessor interfacing, real-time embedded systems, Robotics and IoT etc.
  • Control & Instrumentation Lab to teach practical control systems, electrical measurements, and instrumentation.
  • Power and Power Engineering Labs equipped to facilitate hands on experiments in power distribution, power utilization, power transmission, power electronics and electric machines.
  • Network Lab and Communications Lab to support experiments in principles of communications, computer networks, microwave engineering and antenna and radio-wave propagation.
  • Multi-purpose Computer Labs equipped with state-of-the-art PCs to accommodate a variety of experiments, from advanced VHDL design, artificial intelligence, machine learning and image processing, to name a few.

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Industry Partnerships: We have strong ties with industry leaders and organizations, offering students valuable networking opportunities, internships, and real-world experiences. These connections provide a bridge between academic learning and practical application.

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE), COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI) is working with the aim of promoting collaboration with the industry and developing industry-academia linkages which includes:

  • Establishing links/collaborations with the industry.
  • Conducting student project exhibitions in which students present their work to industrial experts and exploring potential opportunities.
  • Inviting local industry to conduct recruitment drives at the campus and to attend open house/student project exhibitions.
  • Inviting industrial partners to offer internships to our students.
  • Conduct professional training/lectures with the help of experts from industry to explore updated practical applications and modern trends.

Some of the industries which are regularly engaged with us and some of our students are working in these companies: NOKIA, Huawei, RWR Pvt. Ltd, Nayatel, AKSA SDS, PI Invent, Eminence Systems, PTCL, Telenor, Mobilink, Zong, Ufone, Texinity Technologies, NIE, CARE Pvt. Ltd, Turnotech, GoMobit, TSY Design, Prism Estate & Builders, Conzept Connection, Electronics Interconnect Engineering (EIE).

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering