As students of the premier institution of higher learning, students are expected to adhere to a Code of Conduct and maintain a certain degree of decorum and etiquette while they are on campus. Students are strongly encouraged, as partners/stakeholders of the CUI community, to take an active part in observing the code of conduct spelt out in the succeeding lines, so as to uphold the dignity and good name of the Institution

Student's Attire

Students not displaying the ID cards will be fined Rs. 200/- and the card will be confiscated until the challan form is submitted.

In order to maintain the good image of the institution, students are required to be properly and decently attired when they are on campus. A smart and presentable bearing is in order.

Improper attire includes indecently revealing shorts, shabbily fitted jeans, Pants with too many pockets (cargo pants), Bedroom attire, clothes carrying indecent words or pictures on them that are offensive to others, Slippers. The male students are also not allowed to wear jewelry such as Chains, Bracelets, Anklets, friendship bands etc. All the students should be decently dressed.

Students who are sloppily dressed up will not be allowed to attend classes, labs and the libraries. In faculty and administrative offices, students who are not properly attired will not be served and their names will be taken down and sent to the respective Chairman and the Office of Student Affairs for records.


The CUI Islamabad is a 'No-Smoking' campus.
The penalty for breaching this rule for the first time is a fine of Rs.1000/-, second time the fine of Rs.5, 000/- and suspension for the whole semester.
Use of Hand Phones /Pagers/Digital Diaries/music players

Use of Mobile Phones/Camera Phones or playing music on mobile phones, mp3 players or any other device is prohibited in the Academic Area, Class Rooms, and Corridors. In case of violations, the Phone will be confiscated, or a fine may be imposed

Disorderly/Offensive Behavior

As members of the CUI Community, students are encouraged to set an exemplary standard with regard to their conduct. Their impeccable conduct at all times would be in consonance with their status as part of this community. As such, CUI will take disciplinary action against any student who is guilty of physical abuse, participation in a disturbance of the peace or pose a threat to the safety and security of any member(s) of CUI community. A penalty in the shape of fine or suspension, whatever is deemed necessary by the concerned Proctor, will be given on noticing disorderly/offensive behavior.


All acts of vandalism, mutilation and theft of CUI property/ individual's property will be dealt with severe punishments. A student found guilty is liable to be suspended from the CUI or as deemed necessary by the Proctor.


Students are urged to play an active part in keeping our campus and public places clean. It is in our interest to have a clean environment. As part of gracious living, students are encouraged to use public property in the same manner as they treat their own. Your cooperation and understanding is sought in disposing the different waste materials in the appropriate manner or waste bins. Our social habits reflect our progress towards a gracious society.


The playing of any game of chance or mixed game of chance and skill shall be strictly prohibited in the precincts of CUI. Any student who contravenes this rule shall be subject to disciplinary proceedings and upon being found guilty of contravening this rule, shall be liable to punishment as deemed by the Proctor or in intense case by the Chief Proctor.

Conduct Unbecoming

Students are advised to desist from bullying around in order to peck order, casting aspersions or slurs on other students and initiating any form of conduct through speech or body language that causes embarrassment, humiliation or loss of dignity or well being to another student.


The Proctors assigned for ensuring the proper observation of the above mentioned Code will also look after the following decree:

  • Failure to properly identify oneself
  • Lying to a Proctor during an official investigation
  • Dress/hair code violation: male or female
  • Failure to respond to an official call slip within 48 hours
  • Horseplay
  • Vandalism or Damaging CUI property
  • Improper personal contact
  • Direct disobedience/disrespect with faculty, staff and Proctors
  • Entering entryway of opposite sex on campus or allowing the same
  • Gambling
  • Improper social behavior
  • Obscene, profane or abusive language or behavior
  • Participation in an unauthorized demonstration
  • Possession and/or viewing of pornography
  • Possession of a Institution/Room/Lab etc key without authorization
  • Safety/security violation
  • Falsification of information on an official document
  • Racial, ethnic, sectarian, gender harassment
  • Violation of silence zones i.e., near faculty offices, lecture halls, design studios, labs, and libraries.
  • Shouting/talking noisily in corridors and stairs in such a way that it disturbs the overall academic environment.
  • Sitting on the stairs or in the corridors in such a way that it blocks the way for passers-by.
  • Any misbehavior with other students, faculty, staff or guards.
  • Threat to do bodily harm
  • Possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages
  • Stealing or possession of stolen property
  • Possession/use of weapons


The CUI will not interfere with any action that the police may deem necessary to take, against some serious lapses on the part of students.