Journal Papers

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Khulud K. Alharbi, Sajid H. Alvi, Bakhtiar Ali''Reliable relay assisted communications for IoT based fall detection'',2024. view details..
Fawad zaman, , ''Meta-heuristic computing knacks for target angle estimation in monostatic radar system with coprime arrays'',2024. view details..
Asad Ali Malik, , ''Performance evaluation of handover triggering condition estimation using mobility models in heterogeneous mobile networks'',2024. view details..
Taquwa Aslam, Faisal najeeb, Hassan shahzad''Motion Corrected DCE-MR Image Reconstruction Using Deep Learning'',2024. view details..
Jichang Zhang, Faisal najeeb, ''Improved dynamic contrast-enhanced mri using low rank with joint sparsity'',2024. view details..
Muhammad Faisal Siddiqui, , ''An FPGA-Based Performance Analysis of Hardware Caching Techniques for Blockchain Key-Value Database'',2023. view details..
Bakhtiar Ali, , ''IRS-Assisted Physical Layer Security for 5G Enabled Industrial Internet of Things'',2023. view details..
Ali Ranjha, , ''Intercell Interference Coordination for UAV Enabled URLLC With Perfect/Imperfect CSI Using Cognitive Radio'',2023. view details..

Conference Papers

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Syed Junaid Nawaz, E. Cianca, T. Rossi, and M. De Sanctis''RTT-based localization of IoRT nodes by a single LEO satellite: A geometric framework'',2023. view details..
U. Javed A. MehmoodJ. Iqbal and A.A.Uppal''Neural network and URED observer based fast terminal integral sliding mode control for energy efficient polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell used in vehicular technologies'',2023. view details..
Ahmed AJaved SBA.A.Uppal and Iqbal J''Development of CAVLAB_A Control-Oriented MATLAB Based Simulator for an Underground Coal Gasification Process'',2023. view details..
A. Iftikhar, N. Naseer, D. Gokcen, S. Ozdemir, and B. Saka''Dielectric Characterization of Ultrathin Softwear Flexible Substrates Intended for Wearable Biomedical Applications'',2023. view details..
A. Iftikhar, N. Naseer, D. Gokcen, B. Saka, and M. F. Shafique''Near-End and Far-End Coupling Investigations of Conductive Fiber Transmission Lines (TLs) on an Ultrathin Denim Substrate'',2023. view details..
A. Iftikhar, N. Naseer, D. Gokcen, and B. Saka''Performance Analysis of a Conductive Cloth-based Wideband Slot Flextenna for Artificial Heart Bag in Health Monitoring Applications'',2023. view details..
M. Nasir, A. Iftikhar, M. F. Shafique, B. Saka, S. Nikolaou, and D. E Anagnostou''Broadband dual-podal multilayer Vivaldi antenna array for remote sensing applications'',2023. view details..
Asif Z. WarsiQudsiya Irum''Industrial Pollution Effects on the Lives of Residents: A Case Study of Korangi Industrial Area'',2023. view details..