Academic Resources

The department has the following well-equipped laboratories with the latest testing machinery, which meet the academic needs of students and teachers as well as the professional needs of the government and private organizations.

Dedicated Labs

  1. Engineering Mechanics Lab
  2. Engineering Drawing Lab
  3. Engineering Materials Lab
  4. Engineering Geology Lab
  5. Engineering surveying Lab
  6. Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  7. Mechanics of Material Lab
  8. Fluid Mechanics Lab

Shared Lab

Computer Lab


Engineering Mechanics Lab

The purpose of Engineering Mechanics Laboratory is to study the mechanical behavior of the structures using theoretical, numerical and experimental methods. Variety of equipment like Jib crane apparatus Centre of gravity apparatus, hanging rope apparatus, Friction apparatus, General Coplanar forces system, Beam loading apparatus, Principal of moment apparatus, Fly wheel apparatus are available.


Engineering Drawing Lab

Engineering Drawing is equipped to facilitate minimum 50 students.


Computer Lab

Shared Computer lab is equipped to facilitate minimum 50 students


Engineering Materials Lab

The lab introduces the concepts, techniques, and devices used to measure engineering properties of materials. There is an emphasis on measurement of load-deformation characteristics and failure modes of both natural and fabricated materials. Variety of equipment like Compression testing Machine, Ve-be Time Consistometer, Curing Tank with Digital Thermo regulator, Blaine Fineness Apparatus, Concrete Flow Table, Portable Electric Poker Vibrator, Electric Vibrating Table, Concrete Test Hammer, Le-Chatelier Flask, Vicat Needle Apparatus, Metallic Frame, Concrete Needle Penetrometer, Thermostatic Water Bath for Soundness Test, Concrete Drum Mixer, Flakiness Gauge BS 812, Specific Gravity Test

Set, Sand Cone Apparatus, Aggregate Impact Value Apparatus, Submersible Circulatory Pump Aggregate Crushing Value Apparatus are available.


Engineering Geology Lab

Engineering Geology Lab is equipped with latest equipment which covers the wide range of Engineering Geology experiments. Equipment available in the Laboratory are Electro-mechanical shear test machine, Unconfined clay compression test machine, Laboratory Oven, Hot Plate ,Proctor density test Set, Standard Proctor mold, Speed moisture Tester, 4” density cone apparatus, Pocket vane shear device for laboratory and Pocket Geiger counter.


Engineering surveying Lab

The SurveyingLaboratory has a wide variety of modern surveying equipment, such as total stations, theodolites, and automatic levels for basic instructional and research purposes. Undergraduate students use the laboratory as an integral part of their surveying coursework and obtain any topographic information that can help their capstone design projects, such as highway design and land development. Student use of the lab is preceded by appropriate safety training and instruction on the use and care for the equipment.


Geotechnical Engineering Lab

Geotechnical Engineering lab provides geotechnical testing and research facilities for students related to their academic courses. These tests include soil gradation/sieve analysis, moisture determination, Atterberg’s limits, permeability, consolidation and compaction.The soil lab has all the equipments required to perform the basic soil testing. these include Liquid Limit apparatus,Shrinkage Limit Set, Plastic Limit Set,Standard Proctor Mould, 4”,Modified Proctor Mould, 6”,Electronic balance 20kg/1g, Hand operated universal extruder, Hydrometer particle size analyze, Wet Washing , Sieve, 200 mm dia ASTM Fine sieve, California Bearing Ratio Testing machine, Specific gravity Pyknometer, Desiccator, Balloon density apparatus and Hydraulic extruder.


Mechanics of Material Lab

The Structural and Strength of Materials Laboratory is equipped with Bench Mounting Apparatus enabling a variety of investigations into material stiffness, Torsion Apparatus and Charpy impact testing machine. These machines are used for testing a variety of construction materials and assemblies under both pseudo-static and dynamic loading. Complementing these equipment is a series of digital and analog instruments, and high-speed data acquisition and control systems.


Fluid Mechanics Lab

The fluid Mechanics lab illustrates principles of flow and water system design. The general objective of the course entails that the students understand the properties and fundamental basic laws of fluid, to identify safe operating practices and requirements for laboratory experiments, measure hydrostatic forces on a submerged bodies, measure flow rate in a pipe and to apply the basic tools to the solution of elementary problems with a clear practical orientation. The lab consists of Hydraulic Bench with accessories, Set of weirs (Adjustable on hydraulic bench), Venturi Meter, Jet trajectory and Flow through

orifice, Free and Forced Vortex apparatus, Reynold No. and transition flow apparatus , Center of pressure apparatus, Pressure measurement bench apparatus, Metacentric height apparatus, Viscometer, Liquid sedimentation apparatus, Pipework energy losses and Losses in piping systems.