Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 2044 items in 256 pages
Nazar Muhammad Idrees, , ''Improvement in Sensing Accuracy of an OFDM-based W-band System'',2022. view details..
Nazar Muhammad Idrees, , ''A W-Band Communication and Sensing Convergence System Enabled by Single OFDM Waveform'',2022. view details..
Xianbin Yu, , ''Waveform design and signal processing for integrated terahertz sensing and communication'',2022. view details..
Shuo Li, , Junfeng Zhang,, ''Finite-time L1 and L_infinity boundedness for nonlinear singular switched positive systems with D-perturbations'',2022. view details..
Imran, , ''H_infinity Stabilization Problem for Memristive Neural Networks with Time-varying Delay'',2022. view details..
Zhaoxia, , ''l1-gain Controller Design for 2D Markov Jump Positive Systems with Directional Delays'',2022. view details..
Zhaoxia, , ''Mixed $l_1/l_-$ Fault Detection for Positive 2D Systems with Distributed Delays'',2022. view details..
Muhammad, Muhammad, Khurram''Attitude in Motion: Constraints Aided Accurate Vehicle Orientation Tracking in Harsh Environment'',2022. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1596 items in 200 pages
Muhammad Abdullah , , ''SEMANTIC ORIENTATION OF SCARCE RESOURCE LANGUAGE TEXT'',2022. view details..
Yasir Ghafoor , Arfan Jaffar , Rashid Jahangir''Fake News Identification on Social Media Using Machine Learning Techniques'',2022. view details..
S.A. Saeed , J.A. Khan , S.U.R. Khan''An Empirical Investigation on Cost estimation Challenges in Agile Software Development Context'',2022. view details..
Amir , , ''Identity Management System for Electronic Government Processes in Pakistan'',2022. view details..
Saneeha Aamir , , ''Evaluating opcodes for detection of obfuscated Android Malware'',2022. view details..
Saneeha , , ''Evaluating Dynamic Analysis Features for android Malware Categorization'',2022. view details..
Abdulaziz , Rasool , Nabil''FaaVPP: Fog as a virtual power plant service for community energy management'',2022. view details..
Joshua Zhexue Huang , , ''“Identify the Number of Clusters from Complex Data with Many Clusters using GMM Trees and Forests'',2022. view details..