Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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Rabia Arshad , Sobia Baig, Saad Aslam''User clustering in cell-free massive MIMO NOMA system: A learning based and user centric approach'',2024. view details..
Omar Azeem, Mirza Tariq Hamayun, Salman Ijaz''Output Feedback Fault Tolerant Control for Linear Parameter Varying Plants Considering Imperfect Fault Information'',2024. view details..
Sajid Sarwar, M. Yaqoob Javed, Aamer Bilal Asghar''A Coronavirus Optimization (CVO) Algorithm to Harvest Maximum Power from PV Systems under Partial and Complex Partial Shading Conditions'',2024. view details..
Mubeen Zafar, Muhammad Naeem Awais, Muhammad Naeem Shehzad, Aneeqa Masood, Abbas Javed, Aamir Razaq''Phenomenological modeling of memristor fabricated by screen printing based on the structure of Ag/polymer/Cu'',2024. view details..
Khulud K. Alharbi, Sajid H. Alvi, Bakhtiar Ali''Reliable relay assisted communications for IoT based fall detection'',2024. view details..
Asad Ali Malik, , ''Performance evaluation of handover triggering condition estimation using mobility models in heterogeneous mobile networks'',2024. view details..
Taquwa Aslam, Faisal najeeb, Hassan shahzad''Motion Corrected DCE-MR Image Reconstruction Using Deep Learning'',2024. view details..
Jichang Zhang, Faisal najeeb, ''Improved dynamic contrast-enhanced mri using low rank with joint sparsity'',2024. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1589 items in 199 pages
Mehwish , , ''Comparative study of traditional requirement engineering and Agile requirement engineering'',2103. view details..
Muhammad Rashid , Nazir Ahmad Zafar , Hamra Afzaal''Formal Modeling and Verification of Justification and Finalization of Checkpoints in Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain'',2024. view details..
Qasim Umer , Zunaira Naveed , Choonhwa Lee, Asif Ali, Malik Khizar Saeed''Convolutional Neural Network Based Identification of Respiratory Disease (CNN-IRD)'',2023. view details..
Muhammad Waseem , Qasim Umer , Choonhwa Lee, Sungwook Chung, Zohaib Latif''Deep Learning-Based Event Prediction for Text Analysis'',2023. view details..
Muhammad Rashid , Nazir Ahmad Zafar , Hamra Afzaal''Formal Modeling and Verification of Validator Voluntarily Exit in Ethereum 2.0 Beacon Chain'',2023. view details..
R. Chand , S.U.R. Khan , S. Hussain''TTAG+R: A Dataset of Google Play Store’s Top Trending Android Games and User Reviews'',2023. view details..
R. M. H. Bilal , M.A. Baqir , A. Iftakhair''Polarization-controllable and angle-insensitive multiband Yagi-Uda-shaped metamaterial absorber in the microwave regime'',2022. view details..
T.Mustaq , A.Rauf , S.A.Shehzad''Numerical and statistical approach for Casson-Maxwell nanofluid flow with Cattaneo-Christov theory'',2022. view details..