Training Imparted by QEC Team

Another accomplishment of the QEC of CUI is its outreach to HEC and different universities for imparting quality awareness and quality assurance practices to the faculty, university management and administration. CUI QEC officials have been trained by HEC as leader and member of the Review panel for the evaluation of other higher education institutions respectively. Another contribution of QEC is its being invited to the BOS meetings of different universities for the assessment of their new academic programs.

QEC team Contributions in Conferences and Trainings

  1. Pakistan Network for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (PNQAHE) organized second International Conference on Quality Assurance in Higher Education on April 23-25, 2109 in University of Education Lahore with the collaboration of Khyber Medical University and University of Education Lahore. The Incharge QEC participated in this conference.

There were the following points and areas presented in this conference:

  • Embedding a quality culture in a university: a management perspective
  • The Role of Performance Evaluation Systems within the Quality Assurance Framework: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Strategic Planning for your organization
  • Establishing and maintaining a culture of quality
  • Constructive Alignment of Teaching, Learning, and Assessment to the Intended Level of Course and Program Learning Outcomes

This conference was honor for QEC team of CUI to represent own university. Such conferences are an ideal platform for career growth as a Quality Assurance manager and will help in future for working in effective manner for the implementation of a true quality culture at CUI system and to share latest knowledge and advance practices of Quality Assurance and enhancement.

  1. Pak UK Education Gateway Program, Higher Education Commission in coordination with British Council hired the services of consultancy firm “Advance HE” to Review the Governance and Teaching Practices across the HE sectors in Pakistan through Surveys and focused group discussions. In this regard, Advance HE consultants on “Teaching & Learning” (Barbara Dexter) visited CUI with her team and conducted their activities. The visit was held on 22ndNovember 2019. The consultant had meetings with higher management of CUI including Registrar, Deans, HoDs, Faculty and students and everyone participated with full enthusiasm and zest. The consultant appreciated the efforts and well established system of CUI.   
  2. Quality Enhancement Cell at Foundation University Islamabad (FUI) organized a one-day seminar on “Quality Assurance in Higher Education & University Ranking” on April 18, 2019. Dr. Riaz Ahmed, Director Quality Assurance at NUST, was the Resource Person. The seminar was attended by more than 20 QEC Officials from 11 universities located in Rawalpindi and Islamabad and 50 Faculty Members of FUI. The QEC Teams of CUI participated in this The Resource Person emphasized on the need and mechanism of quality assurance & university ranking and the role of quality enhancement cells. He also highlighted the challenges faced during the implementation of Quality Assurance process. This Seminar provided a valuable learning experience and it was a cherish able opportunity for interacting and exchanging findings and experience on Quality Assurance & university ranking in Higher Education Certificates were distributed among all participants of the seminar.
  3. The APQN conference and Annual General Meeting was held on 28th-31st March,2019 at Colombo Sri Lanka and hosted by the university Grants Commission, Sir Lanka, with the support of the Ministry of City Planning, Water supply and Higher Education of Sir Lanka. The Incharge QEC was nominated by the worthy Rector CUI to attend the international Conference and General Meeting. The conference was attended by 260 participants from 42 countries and territories of Asia-Pacific Region and represented accrediting bodies, educational institutions and educational authorizes

Conference Themes:

  • Innovations approaches to the development of internal QA transforming challenges into opportunities.
  • Application of new technologies in evaluation and accreditation of programs, institutes and distance;
  • Cultural divert and its implication for the quality of cross Broder higher education role of institution and students in the enhancement of Quality culture in Higher education.
  1. Progress Review Meeting & Training for Quality Enhancement Cells" organized by Quality Assurance Agency, HEC. This meeting was held on 1-2 April 2019. The main objectives of this meeting were:
  • To monitor and regulate HEIs for implementation of policies to improve quality and standard of higher education in Pakistan.
  • To enhance the standard of quality assurance in higher education at national level.

From QEC Senior Program Officer represented CUI at this meeting and gave presentation on the QEC CUI progress during the year and she also attend the training on Intuitional Performance Evaluation and MS & PhD Program Review Process.

  1. QEC official participated in "Two-week Professional Training of Admin Personnel OG-1" arranged by FDA, held at COMSATS University Islamabad. This workshop was held in 11-12 February 2019. The main objective of this workshop was to help officers sharpen their communication skills (readings, writings, listening & Speaking), realize and mobilize their inner resources and enhances them enhance their competence as a person and a professional.
  1. QEC Officers attended a Professional certification on Bloom’s Taxonomy by American Professional Certification Service (A-PROCS) & QSI, Held at University of Engineering & Technology (UET) Peshawar. This training was held on 11-12 February 2019. After the successful completion of the training an exam was conducted by the QSI and all officers got certified trainer certificate and their names are appearing as Certified Professional at website of QSI
  1. Part-time Training Course on Improving Personal Effectiveness organized by Establishment Division Secretariat Training Institute. This training was held on 21-25, Jan 2019. The main objective of this training was to Improving self-awareness, confidence building, teamwork and interpersonal communication skills. Two staff members of QEC were nominated for the professional training course as on job training program.  
  1. One day Workshop on Self-Assessment Process and “Preparation for External Audit ISO 9001:2015” held at COMSATS University Islamabad, Abbottabad Campus. This workshop was held in 17-Dec-19. QEC, CUI Abbottabad organized one day training workshop on ISO Internal Auditing to train the sections/Departmental ISO coordinators  to become a qualified ISO 9001 internal auditor and guarantee future success with the highest in quality standards and to ensure that  COMSATS quality management system reaches its fullest potential. during the participants were provided an explanation of requirements of standards as applicable to ISO 9001 and requirements of Auditing skills i.e. explained the internal auditing process and techniques, documentation process, information on how to conduct internal audit, write the audit report and take corrective action, and auditing case studies to develop skills for identifying and dealing with nonconformance. In the ISO Internal Audit Workshop, the participants gained significant insight to the intricate process that facilitates the review of controlled document.  This intricate process requires teamwork and a shared commitment for quality that involves representatives from every department/section who are evaluated by qualified internal auditors. 
  1. The 10th Annual International Symposium on university Rankings and Quality Assurance organized by Public policy Exchange United Kingdom held on June 21,2018 at Thon Hotel City Center Brussels, Belgium, from QEC, CUI Islamabad MS. Shazia Shabbir was nominated to attend the international symposium. The symposium was attended by many participants around the globe, almost 140 delegates from 43 countries were present at the occasion who represented accrediting bodies, educational institution and educational authorities. Quality experts from different countries presented very informative presentations on Quality Assurance in Higher Education and University Rankings. Its impact and implementation strategy at HELs. Besides the symposiums also provided a platform to the top management and staff of QEC of Public and private sector universities to contribute and share their valuable experience on Quality Assurance in their respective universities & HELs.

The main theme of the Symposium was “Universities Ranking & Assurance in higher education” and the sub- themes were as:

  • Dynamics of Quality Assurance
  • Adapting QA Methodologies to the Educational Developments “Quality Assurance of blended and online programmers
  • The value of values or How do we assure the quality of academic freedom?
  • Responsible use of University rankings
  • Overcoming current laminations and Driving innovation in Global Rankings
  • Making Quality Assurance understandable and Accessible
  • Making approaches in the context of professional accreditation.
  • Foresting a quality culture in higher education.

As representative of QEC CUI this Symposium provided an opportunity to participate in a constructive dialogue and enable to share experience and concerns with an international forum. This was also an honor represent university and country to an International quality forum.

  1. University of Wah organized its 2nd National Seminar on “Promoting Quality Culture in HEIs” on 10 May 2018. Quality Assurance representatives from over 40 Universities across Pakistan including participated in the event. Two officers from QEC CUI participated in the seminar. The purpose of the event was to identify trends and best practices on promoting Quality Culture in Higher Education Institutions and to strengthen collaboration, networking and capacity building amongst members of the quality family.

Training on ISO “implementation ii. Techniques of Auditing iii. Techniques for transition to latest version of ISO 9001:2015” at Six Campuses of CUI

Wah Campus: 09 August, 2016 Attock Campus: 18-August ,2016 Islamabad Campus: 23-24 August 2016 Lahore Campus: 30-31 August 2016 Sahiwal Campus: 01-02 September, 2016

During the months of August-September, 2016 Quality Enhancement Cell (PS) arranged to impart training sessions at six campuses of CUI. Additional Registrar, QEC and Consultant, QEC and Director Training of M/s ConsTech visited six campuses for the purpose. QEC team gave a brief history of adoption of ISO 9001:2008 Standard by the CUI six campuses and award of ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificates first time in August 2011 and then in January 2015 for three years i.e. January, 2018. The Team also upraised the participants about the revised version of ISO 9001:2015 and advice the participants to convert the QMS documentation on ISO 9001:2015 Standard. Resource person from ISO consultancy firm M/s ConsTech and QEC Team conduct intensive theoretical as well as practical training sessions according to the schedule.

Training On “Quality Assurance of Academic Programs & Self-Assessment Process

16 February 2017 Sahiwal and Vehari Campuses

Quality Enhancement Cell Team Comprises of Ms. Shazia Shabbir, SPO and Mr. M. Zafar Iqbal Khan, Consultant, on the request of CUI Sahiwal and Vehari Campuses conducted a joint training session for (i) Program Teams (PTs) and (ii) Assessment Teams (ATs) on Quality Assurance of Academic Programs & Self-Assessment process at Sahiwal Campus on Thursday, 16 February 2017. More than 35 participants from both campuses participated in the training. QEC Team explained how to write/ prepare the Self-Assessment reports of the programs by the PTs and assessment techniques that are to be used by the ATs to assess the reports prepared by the PTs of the programs offered by the campuses. The QEC Team used both theoretical as well as practical mode of training.

Trainings Obtained by the QEC Staff

Indigenous on Campus Training (IOT) at Air University

19-21, July 2016

The Air University Islamabad in collaboration with Higher Education Commission of Pakistan arranged a training “Indigenous on campus Training (IOT)”. Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz, Assistant Program Officer of QEC participated in this training. The objective of the training was professional grooming of the QEC Officers to develop Quality Assurance System at Higher Education Institutions in Pakistan.

One-day Training of QEC official on HEC’s Ranking Software, HEC

09 December, 2016

The QAA, HEC organized a “Training of QEC Officials on HEC’s Ranking Software”. Ms. Shazia Shabbir, SPO, QEC participated in this training. The objective was to train the QEC’s concerned officers to familiarize them with the Ranking Software which enable them to upload the ranking data of their institution without any problem. The SPO of QEC is very effectively using this software.

Training on “Improving Personal Effectiveness” at PMI

6-8 March 2017

Pakistan Manpower Institute, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Islamabad, Government of Pakistan organized training for “Improving Personal Effectiveness”. Ms. Maria Khan, Assistant Professor QEC Participated in the training. Ms. Khan found the training very effective in personal grooming and expressing oneself effectively in the private as well as official maters.

Training on “Communication & Presentation Skill” at PMI

20-21 March, 2017

Pakistan Manpower Institute, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training Islamabad, Government of Pakistan organized a training on “Communication & Presentation Skills”. Mr. Muhammad Sarfraz, Assistant Program Officer and Mr. Haseen-Ur-Rehman, Assistant Program Officer of QEC attended the training.

Training On “Pre-visit Preparation of IPE, MS/M.Phil. & Ph.D. Program Review” By HEC

23 May 2017

QAA of HEC organized the training “Pre Visit Preparation of IPE, MS/M.Phil. & Ph.D. Program” for HEIs QEC relevant officers. Ms. Shazia Shabbir, SPO, QEC participated in the training. The purpose of the training was to educate and acquaint the participants with the techniques and processes required for the Pre-visit Preparation of IPE, MS/M.Phil. & Ph.D. Program Review.

A Report on attending a Conference: 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance at Higher Education on December 18-19, 2017 held at Khyber Medical University, Peshawar

21 December 2017

The 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance at Higher Education held on December 18-19, 2017 at Khyber Medical University, Phase V, Hayatabad, Peshawar Pakistan. From QEC, CUI Mr. Uzair Naqvi Manager QEC attended the conference where experts presented very informative presentations on Quality Assurance in higher education. Beside that the conference also provided a platform to the staff of QEC of Public and Private sector universities to contribute and share their valuable experiences on Quality Assurance in their respective universities & HEIs. Apart from National level, members of accreditation councils & experts from abroad also participated in the conference. The conference had the following main & sub themes


  • Quality Enhancement Practices.


  • Good QA practices in imparting knowledge, skills and Research at HEIs.
  • Self-Assessment Reports in facilitating Accreditation Processes.
  • Develop Public Confidence in Higher Education.
  • Competing at International level for seeking standardization of Qualification Framework and employment.
  • Significance of feedback of the stakeholders focusing Employers and Alumni.
  • Challenges in implementation of QA processes.
  • Impact of QA practices in building National Economy.
  • Significance of ISO Certification in promoting Quality Culture in HEIs.

The conference was divided into 6 sessions. The opening session was followed by the presentations session, 2 international key note speakers presented after being followed by local the presenters. The concluding session was a panel discussion followed by the closing ceremony. Approx. 250 participants from the HEIs of Pakistan attended the conference and 6 invited speakers from 6 countries presented their recent work in quality assurance area. This conference provided a full opportunity to participate in a constructive dialogue. This conference was an ideal platform for career growth as a quality assurance professional and will help out in future, because it was an international forum, and national and international quality assurance experts presented the latest knowledge and advance practices of QA adopted by the renowned HEIs of the world. Also, this forum can work as a strategic think tank to enhance work on the conference themes relevant QA educational industry.

One of the highlights of the conference was Mr. Heinz-Ulrich Schmidt,s Speech (Special Representative of Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) (FIBAA), Bonn, on Germany Self-Assessment Reports (SAR) in facilitating Accreditation Processes. It was a thorough presentation on how SAR,s facilitate the Accreditation process in a specific program. How a program is positioned on educational market, on job market & overall strategy of HEIs. The main instruments of QA like evaluation by students, evaluation by faculty & evaluation by alumni, employers third parties. Another key note speaker was Dr. Bassam Mohammed Alhamad, Director of the QA & Accreditation Center, AP in Chemical Engineering, University of Bahrain,s Presentation, where he compared National and International Accreditation bodies and gave an insight about the difference between the two and which one is better. Most of the presentations were very enriching and knowledgeable.

It provided valuable learning experience. For instance, it was an excellent opportunity to gather together, interact and exchange findings and views during conference sessions. Consequently, know a number of academics and professionals from different cities and countries who were representing their respective QEC departments and have similar task. Finally, thanks to COMSATS University Islamabad and Additional Registrar, QEC for giving the opportunity to attend the 1st International Conference on Quality Assurance at Higher Education conference covering all expenses. This conference is very interesting and enriches experience with more information, knowledge and confidence.

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