Scope & Quality Objectives


The scope of QEC is focused on building a quality culture in the university by creating, implementing and managing quality assurance and enhancement processes and practices to ensure competitive excellence nationally and internationally. These processes and practices involve an effective implementation of Quality Standards, processes of Quality Assurance and Management System, and continual review of progress for enhancement of quality, including development of various standards for the institution, departments and programs by involving all stakeholders including teachers, students, staff; analyzing needs, identifying areas for improvement, developing new procedures that ensure the quality of higher education is maintained, developed and enhanced.

Quality Objectives

The main objective of QEC is to facilitate the implementation of Quality Assurance procedures and practices and also ensure quality enhancement at the institutional level so that with continuous improvement of strategies, resolute effort and action, the criteria of quality in all aspects of the university that affect the quality of learning and research helps CUI to attain international competitiveness and compatibility amongst the top universities in Pakistan. QEC is determined to:

  • Establish a quality –centric approach, processes and practices at CUI for institutional effectiveness that positively impacts the stakeholders.
  • Strengthen the internal Quality Assurance process at CUI through Self-Assessment as per HEC criteria.
  • Prepare academic and non-academic departments and programs to meet the criteria and standards of CUI statutory bodies and international higher education evaluation/accreditation bodies and rankings.
  • Ensure academic quality by continuously assessing learning outcomes in academic and non-academic departments in a systematic way with uniformity across campuses, and making them consistent with the vision and mission of CUI.
  • Develop quality enhancement processes and practices to ensure competitive excellence in all cadres and stakeholders of CUI.
  • Get feedback from students, teachers, graduates, and employers on prescribed intervals. Evaluate the feedback and suggest appropriate measure to concerned quarters for implementation if deemed necessary.

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