Internal Institutional Performance Evaluation (IIPE) of CUI by QEC

The Internal Institution Performance Evaluation (IIPE) of CUI is designed to attain the level of excellence in the stream of HEIs and to increase the performance and efficiency of all campuses. During April-June 2011, Assessment Teams under the leadership of Advisor QEC visited all campuses and evaluated the academic and non-academic departments of the respective campuses including Islamabad, Lahore, Sahiwal, Attock, Wah, Abbottabad and Vehari.The teams also evaluated the systems of CUI Principal Seat on the basis of Performance Evaluation Standards provided by HEC. These standards are qualitative in nature, but to evaluate the performance of each campus, they had been quantified by QEC. This is a continuous process which involves the development and improvement of the IIPE process and assessment forms.

The IIPE of CUI by QEC includes:

  • Selection of Performance Evaluation (PE) Teams
  • Training on IIPE to PE Teams, Directors, Principal Officers, HODs
  • Development of assessment forms separately for Principal Seat, Islamabad Campus and Outstation Campuses for IIPE exercise based on 11 standards of IPE, 8 criteria of Self-Assessment of academic programs, rules & regulations, practices in departments and physical evidences, etc.
  • Arrangements of logistics for conducting IIPE exercise in all the departments of all the campuses and Principal Seat
  • Filling of the forms and generation of statistical reports and descriptive reports based on quantitative and qualitative data
  • Rating of the Campuses and the departments of Principal Seat
  • Preparation of Summaries of IIPE with detailed breakup
  • Submission of Report to the Rector

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