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The Laboratory of Biosciences department, COMSATS IIT, Sahiwal offers facilities for contemporary molecular biology research work. The Bio-lab is well equipped to conduct the basic research projects, dealing with environment, plants as well as animals origin. The Laboratory at Biosciences department is ever improving as state of the art molecular biology instruments are being inducted in lab on regular basis. A multimedia and a white-board are available in Bio-lab for delivering lectures during practical sessions. The research projects of graduate students are conducted in Biosciences Laboratory. Two lab attendants are available for the maintenance of equipments and students guidance.

Major instrument housed in Bio-lab are as under:

  1. Refrigerator, Haier
  2. Digital Balance, Shimadzu Corporation
  3. Gel Electrophoresis, Cleaver Corporation
  4. Transilluminator, Wealtec
  5. Water Bath, Memmert
  6. Laminar Flow, Singapore
  7. PCR Machine, Advanced Primus
  8. Centrifuge Machine, Sigma
  9. Microscope, AXL Labo
  10. Heating Stirrer, Velp Scintifica
  11. Autoclave, YXQ.SG41
  12. PH Meter, HANNA
  13. Deionizer, ELGA
  14. Water Distillation, IRMECO
  15. Spectrophotometer,BMS
  16. Digital Microscope, Olympus
  17. Eliza Reader with Washer, Thermo Multiskan
  18. Electronic Balance, NAPCO
  19. Ultracentrifuge, Hermle
  20. Refrigerator Incubator, POL-EKO
  21. Ultra Low Freezer-86, KW Apparecchi Scientifici
  22. Basic PH/ORP Meter, HANNA
  23. Glucose Meter, Diavue
  24. Weight Machine, CAMRY
  25. Shaking Incubator, Labnet

 Molecular biology Lab staff and students also have access to wireless internet, as well as kettle, fridge, microwave and sink.

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