Research Groups

Food Security & Safety

  1. Dr. Abrar Hussain
  2. Dr. Awais Ihsan
  3. Dr. Shahzad Saleem
  4. Dr. Wasim Sajid

Conservation of Genetic Resources

  1. Dr. Ahmed Ali
  2. Dr. Asim Mehmood

Mol. Phytopathology

  1. Dr. Shazia Mannan
  2. Dr. Ashir Masroor
  3. Dr. Asim Mehmood

Structural and Functional Bioinformatics

  1. Dr. Farukh Jamil
  2. Dr. Ashir Masroor
  3. Mr. Muhammad Hammad
  4. Mr. Adnan Tahir

Genomics and Proteomics

  1. Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim
  2. Ms. Annum
  3. Ms. Asma

Breeding and Genetic for Food Sustainability

  1. Dr. Ahmad Ali
  2. Dr. Asim Mehmood
  3. Dr. Hasan Riaz

Human Genetics and Molecular Diagnostics

  1. Dr. Sumera Kanwal
  2. Dr. Shazia Mannan

Neutraceutical and Designer Foods

  1. Dr. Abrar Hussain
  2. Dr. Wasim Sajid

Biotechnology Interventions

  1. Dr. Asim Mehmood
  2. Dr. Shahzad Saleem
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