Research Publications

Following is the list our research papers.

Journal Papers

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 859 items in 108 pages
Mansoor Khan, Talha Masood Khan, ''Tunable Q matching networks for capacitive ultrasound transmitters'',2021. view details..
Mansoor Khan, Shahrukh Agha, ''Class-E amplifier design for efficient CMUT transmission and wide band operation'',2021. view details..
Sharjeel Riaz, Mansoor Khan, Umer Javed, Xiongwen Zhao''A Miniaturized Frequency Reconfigurable Patch Antenna for IoT Applications'',2021. view details..
Ahmad, Aakash, Adel Alkhalil, Ahmed B. Altamimi, Khalid Sultan, and Wilayat Khan''Modernizing Legacy Software as Context—Sensitive and Portable Mobile-Enabled Application'',2021. view details..
Khan, Wilayat, Aakash Ahmad, Aamir Qamar, Muhammad Kamran''Spoof- Catch: A Client-Side Protection Tool Against Phishing Attacks'',2021. view details..
Khan,Wilayat, Farrukh Aslam Khan, Abdelouahid Derhab and Adi Alhudhaif''CoCEC: An Automatic Combinational Circuit Equivalence Checker Based on Interactive Theorem Prover'',2021. view details..
Abdullah Shoukat, Muhammad Ali Mughal, Saifullah Younus Gondal''Optimal Parameter Estimation of Transmission Line Using Chaotic Initialized Time-Varying PSO Algorithm'',2021. view details..
Shahrukh Agha, Mansoor Khan, Farmanullah Jan''Efficient Fast Motion Estimation Algorithm for Real Time Applications'',2021. view details..

Conference Papers

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 1297 items in 163 pages
Muhammad Abdullah , , ''SEMANTIC ORIENTATION OF SCARCE RESOURCE LANGUAGE TEXT'',2022. view details..
Muhammad Abdullah , , ''Data Mining with Internet of Things: A review'',2020. view details..
Noman Malik , Hikmat Ullah Khan , ''Finding Attractive Research Areas for Young Scientists'',2020. view details..
Zahid Mehmood , Khurram Ashfaq Qazi , Muhammad Tahir''Potential barriers to music fingerprinting algorithms in the presence of background noise'',2020. view details..
Fakhar Abbas , G. Liu , P. Fan, Z. Khan and M. S. Bute''A Vehicle Density based Two-Stage Resource Management Scheme for 5G-V2X Networks'',2020. view details..
G. Li , H. Liu, J. Jin, and Q. Umer , ''Deep Learning Based Identification of Suspicious Return Statements'',2020. view details..
Muhammad Almas Anjum, Javaria Amin, Muhammad Sharif, Habib Ullah Khan, Muhammad Sheraz Arshad Malik, and Seifedine Kadry. , , ''Deep Semantic Segmentation and Multi-Class Skin Lesion Classification Based on Convolutional Neural Network'',2020. view details..
Rubina Ghazal , , ''Intelligent Agent-Based RBAC Model to Support Cyber Security Alliance Among Multiple Organizations in Global IT Systems'',2020. view details..

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