Following is the list of Research Groups of our department


Research Area

Area of this research group is applied research for structural integrity assessment of materials, machines and components in order to avoid premature failures and ensure their reliability & safety.

Group Members:

Dr. Zahiruddin Shaikh Chief Engineer / Group Head

Mr.Salman Nawaz (Lecturer)

Mr.Hassan Raza Lecturer


Research area

The working group of heat and mass transfer conducts research in following areas:-

  1. Measurement of thermal conductivity of solids.
  2. Measurement of thermal diffusivity of solids.
  3. Thermo physical properties of porous building materials.

Group Members:

Dr. Monis Raza (Assistant Professor/Group Head)

Mr.Hassan Iqbal, Lecturer

Mr. Abu Bakar, Lecturer

Mr. Jawad Abid, Lab Engineer

3-Design and Manufacturing

Research areas

The Design & Manufacturing group is focused on state of the art research in the field of design, fabrication, synthesis, characterization and analysis of new innovative materials as well as existing materials. In addition it is also involved in thermal analysis, CFD analysis, and surface analysis of materials for different applications in mechanical industry.

The Design and manufacturing group has active collaboration with different Research organizations with in country as well as worldwide. The group has collaboration with DICE Automotive USA, and Heavy Industries Taxila, Pakistan. The group has successfully executed following research assignments of the industry.

  • Surface analysis and selection of coating for upper body of multipurpose vehicle(MPV) of DICE automotive, USA .
  • Characterization, Analysis and selection of material for lower body of DICE Car
  • Surface analysis , characterization and selection of coating for TURBO charger under high temperature condition for 740 HP war tank (HIT Project)
  • Design optimization for efficiency improvement of Solar panel
  • Characterization and selection of Crank Shaft Coating for 740 HP engine of warTank
  • Design optimization and efficiency improvement of Biogas fuel plant for power generation

Group Members:

Dr. Muhammad Akram (Assistant Professor/ Group Head)

Dr. Arslan Ahmad  (Assistant Professor)

Dr Muhammad Akram (Assistant Professor)

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Gohar (Lecturer)

Mr. Irfan Shrirazi (Lecturer)

Mr. Asad Javed (Lecturer)


5-Engineering Management

Research areas

The scope of the research include

  • Production and Operations Management
  • Project and Quality Management
  • Purchasing and Supply Management
  • Decision and Risk Analysis
  • Contract Management
  • R&D strategies

Group Members:

Dr. Muhammad Salman Mustafa Assistant Professor/Group Head

Muhammad Saeed Lecturer

6-DICE Automotive

Research Area

  • CFD Combustion analysis of engines
  • Thermal analysis of engine and crank shaft
  • Soot analysis of fluid Collapse analysis of car body
  • Combustion analysis of different fuels(experimental studies)

Group Members:

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid Team Lead

Dr. Arslan Ahmad DICE coordinator

Dr.M. Akram Member 

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Gohar Member



Materials Science and Engineering research group investigate the materials through experimentation and using simulation tool. Research interests of this group are; Powder Metallurgy, Powder Injection Molding, Sol-Gel, Nanofluids, Fatigue crack growth, Chemical oilgomers and aqueous solution.

Group Members:

Dr . Muhammad Rafi Raza (Assistant Professor/Group Head)

Mr. Irfan Sherazi, (Lecturer)

Mr.Hassan Khawar (Lecturer)

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Ghoar, (Lecturer)



Tribology is defined as the science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion, and deals with all aspects of friction, lubrication and wear. Tribology is a key subject in mechanical engineering because nearly all machines depend on sliding surfaces for reliable operation. In fact surface wear and degradation is the key factor that limits the lifetime of most mechanical devices. The TRIBOLOGY AND ENERGY Group dealt with all aspects of Tribology and energy, but had five main research themes:

  • Friction and wear of automobile components.
  • Friction and wear of cutting tools.
  • Surface modification by texturing and surface coating.
  • Green lubricant for machining process and automobiles.
  • Surface modification by texturing and surface coating.
  •  Environmentally responsible cooling of machining processes
  • Surface characterization at micro and nano level

Group Members:

Dr . Arslan Ahmad (Assistant Professor/Group Head)

Mr. Ghulam Abbas Gohar (Lecturer)

Mr Hassan Raza (Lecturer)

Mr.Abubaker (Lecturer)

Mr.Yasir Raza (research Associate)

Ms. Saiqa Hafeez (Research Associate)

Ms. Sara batool (Research Associate)


The area Dynamics and control deals with dynamic analysis of any mechanical and aerospace system; developing control system for a dynamics system. It also involves aerospace vehicle guidance, vehicle flight trajectories and orbits; vibration analysis of mechanical systems.

 Group Members:

Mr. Ali Manssor Pasha (Assistant Professor/Group Head)

Mr.Khawar Hussain (Lecturer)

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