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The infrastructure of the department is pivotal to its vision of multi-disciplinary education and research. It comprises state of the art and well equipped teaching and research laboratories, lecture halls and faculty offices. A degree in Mechanical Engineering gives knowledge and skills to be involved in the design, development and manufacturing of products, machines and mechanical engineering systems, including engines and turbines, land transport vehicles, ships, aircrafts, building services (air conditioning, pumps, fans), refrigeration systems, manufacturing processes and industrial plants.

We offer students an excellent educational experience designed to sharpen their talents and skills through a cutting-edge coursework. The key characteristics of our program are its breadth, flexibility and individuality which allow students to build knowledge across the discipline while concentrating on a particular specialization areas. The department offers a 4-year BS degree in Mechanical Engineering along with different specializations in all undergraduate programs.

As mechanical engineering is closely intertwined with the industry and business, these programs are aimed to provide opportunities to create industrial linkages and act as a bridge for flow of the cross-disciplinary knowledge among all departments.


  • The broad educational objective of the undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is to provide a solid foundation of mathematical, scientific and engineering knowledge and to develop the engineering and research skills that will serve students throughout their careers. 
  • The program aims to provide Pakistan with high caliber mechanical engineers needed for the development of the country in order to bring it at par with developed countries of the world. 
  • This program also aims to prepare mechanical engineers to participate in the development of new technologies and areas of knowledge along with mechanical engineers of developed countries. 
  • This program would develop mechanical engineers to help Pakistan to face expected challenges of future in areas of energy, security, and climate change, availability of water, improving the living standards of the masses, poverty alleviation and sustainable development. 
  • Coupled with recent financial woes of the world economic system, the stage is set for very tough times ahead, Department of Mechanical Engineering at CIIT Sahiwal aims to play a leading role in meeting these challenges head on.
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