Research Groups

Following is the list of Research Groups of our department

  1. Fluid Dynamics Group
  2. Objective:

    The goal of our group is to teach and accomplish research in fluid dynamics. Particularly the research comprises theoretical and numerical work having practical applications in engineering sciences and industry

    Dr. Muhammad Awais
    Dr. Muhammad Zeb
    Dr. Sohail Ahmad
    Dr. Aamir Ali
    Mr. Ali Imran
    Mr. Noor Muhammad
    Mr. Muhammad Sulaiman
    Ms Sania Irum
    Mr. Adil Ehsan

  3. Numerical Analysis Group
  4. Objective:

    The aim of our group is to teach and accomplish research in the field of numerical analysis. Our research interest is: To derive and implement numerical and analytical schemes for nonlinear problems arising in the diverse branches of science and engineering. We also focus on the theoretical background of the numerical schemes like existence, uniqueness, order of convergence and efficiency index etc.

    Dr. Farooq Ahmed Shah
    Dr.Asif Waheed

  5. Functional/Convex Analysis Group
  6. Objective:

    Research interest of the group are: Mathematical inequalities and applications, difference and functional equations, theory of inequalities, convex analysis.

    Dr. Ghulam Farid
    Dr. Atiq ur Rehman

  7. Algebra, Graph Theory, Algebraic Graph Theory Group
  8. Objective:

    Commutative algebra, algebraic aspects of geometry, graph theory, and combinatorics. Our group is basically promoting the research and study in algebra ad graph theory along with their versatile applications in mathematics and computer science.

    Dr. Noman
    Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman
    Mr. Zia Ullah

  9. Statistical Research Group
  10. Objective:

    The interests of the group are: stochastic analysis, financial mathematics, probability and random processes.

    Dr. Shahid Hussain
    Mr. Atta Ullah