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Undergraduate Program

MSc(Mathematics) - 2 Years

Mission Statement

This program is designed to prepare the under graduate students with comprehensive knowledge of both pure and applied mathematics with special emphasis on its applications in different fields of natural sciences, social sciences, Humanities and technologies. After successful completion of this program the students will be able to apply this knowledge in different fields of sciences and also pursue any career in which the knowledge of mathematics is applied. It will also prepare the students to enhance its understanding by involving actively in research trends and applications in emerging fields.

Program Objectives

  • To understand and apply general and specific concepts and uses. So that they can demonstrate mastery of fundamental mathematical concepts that encompass calculus, statistics, algebra, and analysis etc.
  • Reason logically, think critically and connect mathematical ideas, in particular by being able to construct proofs and reason abstractly. So that they can read and write in the discipline and communicate mathematical ideas.
  • Impart quality education of Mathematics to the students of this area at minimum cost.
  • To produce professionals with strong mathematical back ground.
  • Expose students to the global Mathematical Research environment both in pure and applied Mathematics.