Dr. Inayat Kalim
Dr. Inayat Kalim

Welcome to the Department of Humanities, CUI Islamabad!

This would be your home in many senses for the next four years. We encourage you to get to know us and we look forward to getting to know you all. It would incredibly be a personal journey of self-actualisation with us, that would re-engineer your outlook on life organically and holistically. As much as we believe in the sanctity of theoretical knowledge, we keep striving to go beyond that threshold in shaping our students' overall outlook on life, for we believe in the metaphysics of madness as well as quantum uniformity. The passion and ambition that would make you bell through internal fires and prepare you for the life ahead fully experienced, baked and seasoned, for there's always an art in burnt smoke! We encourage you to grow in your chosen disciplines as well as to explore one of the many opportunities we provide to gain insights into new arenas. Here, we all share a way of seeing the world which makes us a family having a gene pool of variations, yet bound and connected together with a unique code. We welcome diversity and creativity.

The Department of Humanities is a supporting department and a canopy to three subdomains: English, Psychology and International Relations by providing assistance in these. All programs are accredited and go through rugged self- assessments by HEC. We work on conceptual vectors and believe in integrating theoretical knowledge with practical real time skills. Our curriculum is consistently reformed and fosters creative expression, critical thinking, community building and personal identity. Our faculty includes internationally renowned teachers with most of them holding a PhD degree in their respective fields, having a certain aura of kindness and genetic warmth and are always assisting and guiding students. Our scholarly research is central to world's challenges. The Department goes through International Standards Organizational (ISO) audit continually to maintain zones of proximal damage controls for its students safety from any natural hazards.

Thank you

Dr. Inayat Kalim, Tenured Associate Professor
HoD, Humanities Department