CUI has now established itself as a Center of excellence. The multiple career options that it has offered to the students, since its inception, enjoy great market value. CUI has made another significant contribution by enabling students to pursue studies in Psychology on a national as well as international level by launching 4-years BS Psychology program in Fall 2013.

Program Objectives

This program aimed at inculcating theoretical concepts of this emerging field of Psychology while providing an exposure to its real-world application. It will enable students to understand the psychological factors of various issues and aspects prevailing in the society. Also, this program will be a baseline for many who want to pursue higher studies in the field of psychology from any recognized university in the world. The students will be given an opportunity to explore different fields of psychology like cognitive psychology, child and adolescent psychology, child development, social psychology, cross-cultural psychology and many more. Being a part of top-notch IT university of Pakistan, BS Psychology program also focuses on the importance of Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of Psychology by giving students an opportunity to work on different analytical soft wares.

Scope of BS Psychology degree in real world

Psychologists are probably best known for their work in the health and education services, but psychology graduates can be found in almost any area of life. The scope of the degree varies with type of area a student chooses as his/her specialized field.

Clinical Psychology Special Schools, Hospitals, NGOs, Rehabilitation Centers (Forensic Psychologist), or in Defense Forces.
Industrial Organizational Psychology Multinational Companies, Human Resource (Hiring/Firing), Marketing, Organizational Stress Counselor
Social Psychology Research oriented market analysis, Social workers, Awareness officer or as Vocational Trainers
Educational Psychology Special Education, School Psychologist, Guidance and Career Counseling, Counseling Centers (Emotional Problems), or Design Curriculum


Qualified faculty having MS and Ph.D degrees from national and international universities in diverse fields of Psychology are committed to enhance quality of teaching, research and practice in BS Psychology program.

Student Activities on Campus

Department of Humanities believes in engaging students in academic and non-academic activities which enable students to have real world exposure. Students of BS-Psychology have been given an opportunity to be a part of such activities like International Conferences, Seminars, Talks, and Panel discussions on diverse issues related to their field. Students are also given an opportunity to work actively in organizing various events on the campus that enable them to enter their practical lives with confidence.

Duration 04 Years (16 years of education)
Total semesters 08
Total Number of Credit Hours: 133
Semester Duration 16-18 Weeks
Course load per semester: 15-18 Credit Hours
Number of courses per semester: 5-6 courses
• 50% marks in FA/FSc/A level
• Valid NTS (NAT) result
*The eligibility for admission will be determined on the basis of results in percentages.

Grading Criteria

GPA system; Undergraduate Rules of CUI will be applied.


Course Description

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Ms Rakhshanda Cheema
Tel: 051-90496040