Research Groups

Following are the categorized research groups working within the civil engineering department of CUI Wah Campus.

  • Structural Engineering Research Group (SERG)

    Research activities of SERG focused on the seismic evaluation of existing structures and devising remedial measures to safeguard structures in the wake of disastrous events. The structural engineering lab at COMSATS wah campus is well equipped to conduct experimental testing of small to medium scale physical specimens of RC and brick structures. A dedicated Universal Testing Machine (UTM) of 1000 kN imported from Shimadzu Japan is installed to meet the commercial and research requirements of material testing. Recently, a 14 feet reaction frame equipped with Hydraulic Jack of 3000 kN capacity, is installed in the structural engineering lab to conduct quasi-static testing of structural and non-structural elements. Apart from experimental testing, the SERG is actively involved in numerical and analytical studies of existing structures to develop fragilities functions for existing buildings in Pakistan, which would help to develop effective retrofitting strategies.

    Team Leader: Prof. Dr. Saeed Ahmad

    • Dr. Tahir Mehmood
    • Ms. Shahzadi Irum
    • Mr. Raja M Tasaddiq

  • Concrete and Materials Research Group (CMRG)

    Research carried out in CMRG is strongly driven by environmental and sustainability issues and covers all aspects of concrete materials, their testing and characterization, with main focus on their short term and long term strength and durability performance. The current research topics include sustainable concrete with waste materials, High performance and Ultra High Performance Concrete using locally available materials, Recycled Aggregate Concrete with plastic waste etc.

    Team Leader: Dr. Adnan Nawaz

    • Dr. Rana Faisal Tufail
    • Mr. Hammad Salahuddin

  • Construction Engineering and Management Research Group (CEMRG)

    Research carried out in CEMRG focuses on the sustainability issues in the construction industry as well as the effective implementation of CPEC project. The current research topic includes investigation of the slope stability of the CPEC route, soil erosion at the river beds, worker productivity, disaster risk management, claims management and measures to enhance the project mangers' performance.

    Team Leader: Dr. Ahsen Maqsoom

    • Dr. Hassan Ashraf
    • Mr. Ahsan Qamar
    • Ms. Sandeerah Choudhary

  • Transportation Engineering Research Group (TERG)

    Research carried out in TERG focuses on advanced research oriented experiments for assessing the engineering properties and behaviors of new paving materials and recycled paving materials. It is also well equipped to support research activities in the area of nondestructive field evaluation of in-service road. Research covers a variety of topics, including resilient infrastructure systems, transportation planning, traffic system operations, intelligent transportation systems, travel behavior and demand modeling, traffic safety, human factors analysis and sustainable transportation infrastructure design.

    Team Leader: Dr. Danish Farooq

    • Mr. Asif Ali
    • Mr. Faizan Nazir