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Dr. Eakalak Khan Visit to CIIT-Wah Campus

Dr. Eakalak Khan, Professor at the Civil and Environmental Engineering Department at North Dakota State University (NDSU) was on a visit to Pakistan from May 9-14, 2016.

Dr. Khan is Director of the Environmental & Conservation Sciences Graduate Program and also Director, at the North Dakota Water Resources Research Institute. Dr. Khan's research area is removal of chemical contaminants from water and waste water. His current trip is focused visiting potential groundwater contaminated sites for his research.

Dr. Khan was hosted by UNESCO Chair on Knowledge Systems for IWRM at CIIT-Wah. A presentation and detailed meeting on the objectives and activities of UNESCO Chair was held, followed by a lecture from Dr. Khan to the senior students and faculty of Civil Engineering Department. Possible areas of collaborations in research were also brought under consideration.

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