• Wednesday, November 29, 2023

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The United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) has announced a call for proposals to contribute to sustainable poverty reduction and improvement of livelihoods of poor women, men and young people across Sindh province.
The Poverty Alleviation and Inclusive Development Across Rural Sindh (PAIDAR) is a five-year programme funded by the European Union to support the Government of Sindh (GoS), Pakistan in implementation of its Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS).
Scope of Required Services:
  • UNIDO aims to identify and select Implementing Partners for identifying potential investment activities, targeting improvements of basic infrastructure in villages within selected districts of Sindh province. The purpose is to provide support for the set-up, and upgrade, and sustentation of all necessary types of community infrastructure within the village to improve access to basic public services thus contributing towards reducing multi-dimensional poverty.
  • Target implementing partners are public, nongovernmental and private organisations with relevant experience. Selected applicants will be eligible to receive a grant to finance the implementation of the activities. Technical assistance may be provided depending on the specific proposal and the institutional capacities of selected Implementing Partners.
  • The grant transfer from PAIDAR can only be used for the establishment or improvement of small-scale infrastructure benefitting the residents of pre-identified villages. Potential investments include, but are not limited to, the rehabilitation or construction of the infrastructure essential to improve:
    • Access to safe drinking water
    • Access to sanitation
    • Access to education
    • Access to healthcare
    • Access to electricity
    • Communal spaces
    • Climate-resilience
    • Solid waste management
    • Access to clean cooking
    • Improvement of the public space
The objective of the required services is to hire Implementing Partners (public, non-governmental and private organisations) to identify potential investment activities, targeting improvements of basic infrastructure in selected villages within selected districts of Sindh province.
Purpose: The purpose is to provide support for the set-up, upgrade, and sustain necessary community infrastructure within the selected villages to improve access to basic public services thus contributing towards reducing multi-dimensional poverty of designated districts.
Funding Information:
  • Applicants shall provide co-financing of at least 20% of the total grant award (cash or in-kind);
  • Minimum budget of each proposal should be EUR 125,000 (including applicants cofinancing);
  • The grant support available for each selected proposal of a potential Implementing Partner is a maximum of EUR 500,000.
All grants must be implemented within a maximum period of up to 2 years; however, progress and delivery will be assessed quarterly against costed work milestones and delivery plans.
Expected Results:
The expected results is full utilisation of grants for the completion of desired activities resulting in; a) improved access to public services & infrastructure; and b) reduced deprivation and poverty regarding basic human needs; that is expected to be indicated in terms of the following parameters:
  • Number of actors reached (by kind of actor)
  • Number of actors engaged (by kind of actor)
  • Number of drainage systems (a) constructed or (b) upgraded
  • Capacity of solar power installed
  • Number of educational establishments (a) established or (b) upgraded
  • Number of health facilities (a) established or (b) upgraded
  • Number of water schemes (a) constructed or (b) upgraded
  • Number of people getting access to improved drinking water
  • Number of school-aged children enrolled in supported schools
  • Number of patients treated in supported health facilities
  • Number of villages supported
  • Number of new technologies adopted
  • Number of institutions established or strengthened
  • Number of guidelines adopted by relevant actors
Selected Applicant as an Implementing Partner is expected to provide following services (in collaboration and coordination with UNIDO):
  • Focused Group Discussion (FGDs) with the community living in selected villages to identify the needs under above mentioned areas
  • Provide an infrastructure delivery plan schedule
  • Prepare an infrastructure delivery strategy and
    • Use infrastructure standards to identify existing local deficits in target villages
    • Use infrastructure standards to identify future local deficits in target villages
  • Undertake Sustainability Appraisal of infrastructure delivery plan schedule
  • Prepare and share risk assessment report of carrying out infrastructure activities in target villages
  • Identify other consultation events which contribute to this process
  • Improve basic service delivery to achieve greater transparency and accountability
Eligibility Criteria:
The respective Team Leader/Expert assigned by the selected Applicant as Implementing Partner must possess the following skills and minimal qualifications:
  • Be registered and have legal status to operate in Pakistan (the copy of relevant registration certificate shall be submitted with the application). And if a foreign entity wishes to participate, must provide consortium agreement with a Pakistani entity designated as lead.
  • The applicant or the lead in a consortium must have national tax number (NTN) or Free Tax Number (FTN) and General Sale Tax Number (GST) at FBR or Sales Tax Number (government entities should provide a no-objection-letter from their superordinate department instead)
  • Dully filled-in and signed UNIDO Statement of Confirmation form
  • The applicant must have never been blacklisted by any government, non-government, private or bilateral/multi-lateral financial institution. Moreover, the applicant must not be under any such investigation or litigation related to fraud or improper conduct.
  • An established expertise in working in the community infrastructure sector in Sindh, particularly in rural area
  • At least five years of successful progressive working experience in managing projects in relevant field
  • A clear understanding of developing sustainable community infrastructure in rural areas
  • A demonstrated experience in improving access to basic public services
  • University degree in the field of Engineering, Rural Development, Business Management (or similar through experience) with good understanding of technical, financial and managerial aspects of implementation of projects in Sindh
  • Excellent command of oral and written English and local language
  • Experience of working on similar assignments in above mentioned target districts
  • The experts should be based in Sindh
The applicant is expected to provide CVs of the proposed personnel to be made available for the agreement. The applicant should also indicate where the assigned personnel will be based.
All communication with UNIDO will be in English language. Contact person assigned to the proposed activities should be fluent in English and local language. Reports and other documents including training materials (if any) should be in English and translated into Urdu / Sindh as per requirement – if needed.
For more information about how to apply, please visit: https://www.ungm.org/Public/Notice/220268