• Wednesday, November 8, 2023

  • CUI

  • Public Relation Office

The CUI students, staff, officers, and faculty members were gathered for GAZA walk to show the solidarity to Palestinians, this afternoon at CUI, Islamabad campus. Play cards and Palestinian flags were also displayed against bombing of Israel genocide on innocent Palestinians.  

In the speech, Worthy Rector, Dr. Sajjid Qamar said, “It is indeed our duty to advocate their rights, support their aspiration for self-determination and condemn any form of oppression or discrimination they face”. 

Dr. Abdul Baseer from Bahria University also graced the occasion and said, “let us not forget the power of unity by building alliance with other social justice movements and organizations, we can create a broader platform for the voices of Palestinians to be heard. Together, we can amplify the call for justice and equality for all”. 

Upon his address, Incharge Islamabad campus, Dr. Sohail Asghar mentioned the emotional set back being faced by the Palestinian parents and children over decades. “We must educate ourselves and others about the historical and political context of the Israeli-Palestine conflict. By understanding the root causes of the issue, we can better advocate for a just and peaceful resolution.” 

Let us stand together in every capacity solidarity with the Palestinian people and work towards a future of peace, justice, and equality.