Roles and Responsibilities

The Registrar Secretariat is comprised of 02 internal units i.e. Academics Unit and Management Unit that are responsible for the provision of secretarial support to the authorities of the Institute and for the provision of administrative support and assistance to the Rector in general. The detailed function of these two units is briefly outlined below:

Academics of University

The Academic Unit of Registrar of the University is responsible for a comprehensive array of tasks vital to the smooth functioning of academic affairs at CUI Campuses:

  1. Meeting Facilitation: The Academic Unit plays a crucial role in organizing meetings for various academic bodies, including the Academic Council, BASAR, Boards of Faculties, and Boards of Studies. This involves coordinating gatherings such as those of the Academic Council, BASAR, and a wide array of Boards of Faculties including those for Science, FIST, A&D, Engineering, Business Administration, Architecture and Design, and Boards of Studies of Biosciences, Biotechnology, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Development Studies, Earth Sciences, Economics, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Health Informatics, Humanities, Management Science, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Meteorology, Pharmacy, Physics, and Statistics.
  1. Decision Implementation: The Academic Unit is tasked with overseeing the implementation and monitoring of academic decisions made by key CUI bodies, including the Senate, Syndicate, and Academic Council. This involves translating directives from the Rector and Registrar into actionable steps, ensuring efficient execution of institutional policies and guidelines.
  1. Notification Issuance: This encompasses the prompt and precise distribution of official notifications regarding diverse academic affairs at CUI, ensuring stakeholders are thoroughly informed and kept abreast of developments.
  1. Compliance Management: The Academic Unit ensures adherence to rules, regulations, and study schemes across more than 150 academic programs at CUI.
  1. Oversight of Appointments and Academic Bodies: Ensuring the appointment of chairpersons, deans, and the establishment and formation of Academic Council, BASAR, Boards of Faculties, Boards of Studies, and committees is vital for upholding rigorous academic standards.
  1. Meeting Management: The Academic Unit coordinates and oversees meetings for various academic bodies, including the Academic Council, BASAR, Boards of Studies, and Boards of Faculties. This entails organizing meetings for a wide range of academic departments and disciplines, such as Boards of Faculty of Science, FIST, Architecture and Design and Boards of Studies of Biosciences, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Civil Engineering, Computer Science, Development Studies, Economics, and many others. Responsibilities include agenda preparation, compiling working papers, accurate minute-taking, and ensuring effective communication of decisions made during these meetings.
  1. Document Compilation: The Academic Unit is responsible for compiling and managing essential documents, including the Course Catalog on CUonline, the Graduate Handbook, and other academic resources. This ensures that accurate and up-to-date information is easily accessible from the HoDs at Campuses to students, faculty, and staff members, facilitating their academic pursuits and administrative tasks.
  1. Registration: The Academic Unit supervises the registration process for undergraduate and graduate students, handling related administrative duties on CUonline. This entails meticulously uploading schemes of studies for both graduate and undergraduate programs to streamline registration procedures and ensure efficiency in academic enrolment processes.
  1. The Academic Unit also handles the issuance of notifications for all graduate research-related matters, including the notification of MS/PhD synopses, extensions of MS/PhD studies, appointments of supervisors/cosupervisor, readmissions of students, leaves of absence, admission cancellations upon student request, admission cancellations based on adverse reports and subsequent notifications, honorariums for MS/PhD supervisors, clearance of PhD students' personal files, and progress reports to HEC, among others.
  1. The Academic Unit also manages correspondence with various accrediting bodies such as PEC (Pakistan Engineering Council), PCATP (Pakistan Council of Architects and Town Planners), NCEAC (National Computing Education Accreditation Council), National Business Education Accreditation Council, Pakistan Agricultural Research Council, etc, and handles HEC/PEC correspondence, ensuring compliance with accreditation standards and maintaining the university's standing with these regulatory entities.
  1. Furthermore, the Academic Unit assumes any supplementary duties essential for advancing the University's academic objectives. This encompasses responding to ad-hoc requests, managing emergent issues, and actively participating in continuous academic initiatives and projects to foster the institution's growth and development.

Dr. Muhammad Hanif Chaudhary (Ph.D)
Incharge Academic Unit
Registrar's Office, Principal Seat
COMSATS University Islamabad

Management of Institute

  • Issuance of the notifications regarding management matters of CUI.
  • Implementation and follow up of management decisions of CUI bodies like Board of Governors, Central Executive Committee, etc., and directives of Rector and Registrar, CUI.
  • Secretarial support to the governing executive forums including Board of Governors, Central Executive Committee, Special Task Forces, Special Standing Committees, etc.
  • Preparation of agenda and working papers for the above forums.
  • Organizing and recording minutes of the meetings of these forums.
  • Circulation of decisions, actionable matrices and follow up.
  • Preparation of Statues, non-academic Regulations, Rules, and Policies.
  • Matters related to Central Secretariat of CUI-Lancaster Dual Degree Program, and New campuses, etc.
  • Repository of all estate, assets and records of CUI.
  • Purchase of Consumables, assets and auction/disposal of condemned items.
  • Management of Pooled vehicles.
  • Data ware-housing.
  • Activities related to international branding/affiliation of CUI like with ACU, Talloires Network, etc.
  • Provision of verified data for meetings of statutory/non-statutory bodies, publicity material including undergraduate/graduate prospectuses.
  • Dissemination of actionable information among all campuses.
  • Correspondence with external agencies.
  • Preparation and dissemination of Annual Reports.
  • Processing of affiliation case/Affairs related to Draft Bill for COMSATS University.
  • Nominations of faculty and staff for Civil Awards + Conference + Workshops.
  • Media Related activities (advertisements, press releases, photography coverage etc.).
  • Corporate Image Building Of CUI through press, electronic and internet media.
  • Event Management.
  • Coordinating National and International Expos.
  • Logistic support for the meetings of statutory and non-statutory bodies of Registrar Secretariat
  • Logistic support for inbound/outbound delegations including lodging, travel arrangements, etc.
  • Designing and Printing of promotional materials including Undergraduate and Graduate.
  • Prospectuses.
  • Any other assignment which may be assigned from time to time.

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