Some high impact factor journals charge the authors of research papers for publishing their research. Many times, young energetic faculty and researchers are unable to pay the said publication fee although their research work may be of high quality. To lessen the financial burden on the faculty members of CUI, the institution reimburses publication fee to its faculty and staff members as per the following criteria.

Half of the fee shall be reimbursed for research publications of Faculty of Science having Impact Factor 2.5 or above and full fee shall be reimbursed for research publications having Impact Factor 4.0 or above. Fee shall be reimbursed by the respective campuses of CUI on production of invoice, payment receipt, published paper and verification of the Dean RIC. The fee reimbursement will be calculated by dividing the publication fee by the total number of authors and reimbursing only the share of the CUI authors.

With the said incentive it is hoped that more and more researchers will try to publish research articles in good impact factor journals.