Academic Resources


The access to physical and digital libraries at the campus has been at an arms distance to the students and faculty of Management Sciences Department due to the efforts of staff of Library Information Services, Attock Campus.

The library catalogue contains 2500 specific titles on management, economics, business, research, project management, public administration, mathematics and statistics and other relevant titles. The access and acquiring of any other title from the central library of the CUI system has been made very easy by the Library staff.

Faculty and Students of the department is also provided full access to numerous research databases, free accessible books and relevant information through Digital Library, the project of HEC. Whereby, the COMSATS Institute of Information Technology Library is providing access to more than 23,000 high quality, peer-reviewed journals, databases, and articles through HEC’s Digital Library Programme. In addition to this thousands of E-books are also on offer on different subject areas like Science and Technology, Social Sciences and Humanities. Students and faculty can access these resources from inside and outside the campus through IP address and VPN respectively. At present access through Virtual Private Network (VPN) is only faculty and research students. Later on this facility will also be offered for the use of students.

Digital Library

The department has been providing full access to databases and journals from various international providers through the Digital Library from the Library Information Services. The details of the digital Library can be found from this link:

CU Online

To provide a centralized system of keeping all the academic data of the teaching and examination, the department has been using the CU Online. Access to CU Online is available on campus through network and online via browser. This enables the concerned faculty, students or their parents to access any information from any place any time. CU online integrates all the key sections of the department including the coordination, faculty and students on a single platform. The faculty stores all the assessments and marks data about the courses they teach, the students and their parents can access the details of their registered courses and examination progress from their homes.

Students can get access to CU Online here. (opens only when announced)
Faculty can access CU online here.