Research Groups

Following is the list of Research Groups of our department

  1. Research Group I: Human Resource Management

    This research group investigate the recent issues in theory and practices in the field of HRM. The key issues explored remains the employee performance, motivation and satisfaction aiming at the organization growth.

  2. Research Group II: Economics and Finance

    The members of this group study the current economic and financial themes at national and international level and provide empirical and theoretical foundations to problems of significance.

  3. Research Group III: Marketing and Strategic Management

    This group study the approaches adopted by national and multinational organizations related to their strategies and marketing approaches.

  4. Research Group IV: Islamic Finance and Corporate Governance

    The group study the latest trends in Islamic Finance and Accounting and Corporate Governance. Key theme of research includes theoretical development of accounting standards based on Sharia principles and developing standards for current businesses through exploring issues in Corporate Governance.