About Us


As a young but dynamic and highly innovative public-sector university in Pakistan, CUI has made major strides these past few years in achieving its cherished mission of imparting quality education in diverse disciplines to students at an affordable price. Our Department of Management Science now offers business programs with specialization areas in Finance, Business Administration, Management, Project Management and Public Administration at both the bachelor and master level and we have trained thousands of students who have gone on to make careers inside and outside Pakistan.

Our Department's strength rests on the quality of our faculty with PhDs and Masters from Local and Foreign Universities. The power of our faculty members is in the possession of advanced business degrees and several hold doctoral degrees from reputable foreign universities. Some of our faculty members also have real world business and public administrations and professional experience working in private or public organizations and some are acknowledged researchers with several publications to their name. Several of them have presented papers at international events hosted outside Pakistan.


The department endeavors to be the hub for the university focused on imparting knowledge to improve analytical ability, research skills and entrepreneurial orientation.


The Department of Management Sciences, COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Attock Campus strives for excellence in creating, applying, and imparting knowledge in the field of management sciences through comprehensive educational and research programs. Different programs are designed to meet modern day professional needs in the field of Management studies and other related disciplines, keeping in mind international standards and trends through emphasis on entrepreneurship. The process includes developing the student’s skills for employability and enhancing student knowledge with academic support and mentoring.