Program Overview

“BS Accounting and Finance” blends together accounting and finance in business organization. This program aims to produce high quality graduates who are both critical and innovative. It would further aim to produce high technical skills as well as well-developed and polished decision making and problem solving skills. The program will be structured around four core areas of Accounting, Finance, Business and Economics.

Accounting: Financial and management accounting will be studies from a local as well as international perspective. Courses like Financial Statement Analysis and Valuation and Advanced Management Accounting will also be offered to give the graduates an insight in to the accounting practices.

Finance: A thorough understanding of principles of corporate finance, financial institutions and investment will be provided so that the student can adapt themselves to the ever evolving financial markets.

Business and Economics: A complete understanding of the principles of business will be developed by studying such subjects as marketing, management, communications and information technology.

At the moment the Accountancy and Finance industry is experiencing a severe shortage of experts and trained workforce, which is resulting in demand of qualified personals in both Accountancy & Finance in Pakistan and the world at large. This program would help to form the basis for collaboration and support by closely working with the certification bodies. The department is trying to take exemptions from ACCA, ICMA and CIMA for the graduating students of this program, by which the students will only have to appear in few modules to get another certification. Currently an MOU is signed with ACCA and many students are already taking benefit not only for course exemptions but also avail fees discount. Another benefit of this program would be the acquisition of a university degree as well as the certification form reputed body.

Program Objectives

The main goal of this program is to cultivate proficient and skilled professionals who can swiftly advance to critical roles in the financial and accounting services industry. These individuals will showcase the expertise required to address challenges in the intricate realm of international finance and accounting. Additionally, the program aims to equip students with the ability to analyze corporate, market, investment, and risk management scenarios and apply their findings effectively. Following are the key objectives.

  • To provide students with a comprehensive understanding of business, accounting, finance, audit, taxation, law relevant knowledge, through a combination of theoretical and practical study.
  • To formalize students with the knowledge and application of finance theories, accounting theories, and accounting standards in a variety of setting with and understanding of professional responsibility, ethical obligations, and social awareness.
  • To bring understanding of domestic and global dimensions of accounting and finance issues, evaluate and interpret quantitative and qualitative data for decision making.
  • To work effectively with others, capitalizing on their different thinking, experience, and skills by evaluating the social, cultural, global, ethical, and environmental responsibilities and issues
  • To provide the educational background to meet the requirements of various professional accounting certification examinations, career in commerce, industry, public or private sector and by developing entrepreneurial skills.

This program prepares them to proceed onwards to a more targeted certification program in Accounting and Finance along with other program of business administration & management sciences.

Program Learning Outcomes

Basic Knowledge: Demonstrate advanced knowledge in finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, and management, with a focus on accounting and finance.

Technical Knowledge: Excel in applying international accounting standards and IFRS for cost analysis, budgeting, taxation, and information systems. Cultivate strong analytical and critical problem-solving abilities.

Management Skills: Gain a thorough understanding of management and entrepreneurial skills, with expertise in quantitative and qualitative analysis for effective decision-making in competitive financial markets.

Business Ethics & Responsibility: Embrace ethical and socially responsible business practices, prioritizing sustainability and acknowledging the societal and environmental impacts of business decisions.

Entry Requirements

  • Prospective students need to register for preferred offered program through link and submit soft copies of required documents.
  • Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 50% marks, from an accredited institution. NTS with 50% marks as per CUI policy.
  • Test and Score: NTS-NAT test score with minimum 50% marks.

Scheme of Studies

Minimum Duration

  1. Number of years: 04
  2. Number of Semesters: 08

Maximum Duration

  1. Number of years: 06
  2. Number of Semesters: 12

Contact Details:

Admission Office
Faculty Block II Ground Floor, COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad
Telephone: +92-51-9247000 +92-51-9247002 +92-51-9049802
Department of Management Sciences
Program Officer: Mr. Shujaat Ali Bahadar
Telephone: +92-51-90496061