Program Overview

Fourth industrial revolution since its advent is making significant changes in how businesses around the globe work and how they are managed. It is forcing a new era of business development, caused by exceedingly impressive advances in technology. These technological advancements have led to generation of more business data, while according to the Moore’s law the computational power of computers is also doubling every 18 months.

The digital economy of today is reliant on data-driven business decisions. The same can be gauged by the fact that data is now being gathered at an unparalleled pace by businesses from their customers, suppliers and equipment being used. Moreover, data acquisition has now become an integral part of a business model because algorithms, deep networks and Artificial Intelligence (AI) is dependent on data. It must also be noted that wide ranging competencies, tools and techniques are needed to handle the vast datasets and interpret them in a way that benefits business. While demand for people with these competencies has increased but unfortunately people with these skills are scarce in the market. The market statistics indicate that there will be an exponential rise in the number of positions which will require the skills of business analytics based on data science in the next five years.

BS (Business Data Analytics) is an endeavor of the Department of Management Sciences (DMS). The department feels that business analytics and data science can add value to any business and can be a competitive advantage. From statistics and insights across workflows to helping entrepreneurs make better-informed decisions, data science is valuable to any company in any industry. In addition to this, the shortage of human resources in this domain further adds to the attraction of the program.

The BS (Business Data Analytics) is a 4 years program which offers students domain knowledge of business combined with courses in business analytics and data science. The first batch of the program was inducted in Fall 2022.

Program Objectives

  1. Developing students who can recognize, comprehend, and apply the language, theory and models of data science to the field of business.
  2. Enable the student to critically assess, synthesize and resolve complex structured and unstructured business problems.
  3. Foster an aptitude for innovation, business improvements and entrepreneurship.
  4. Impart a sense of ethical decision making and instill a commitment towards the welfare of the organization in particular and society in general.

Entry Requirements

  • Intermediate or equivalent with minimum 50% marks, from an accredited institution.
  • NTS with 50% marks as per CUI policy.
  • Prospective students need to register for preferred offered program through link submit soft copies of required documents.

Career Prospects

The program is focused upon encouraging entrepreneurship among the graduates and helping them have their own startups. In addition, employment opportunities exist within multinationals, telecom industry, real estate as well as e-commerce to name a few.

Scheme of Studies:

Before Fall 2023 (SoS before Fall 2023)

Effective from Fall 2023 (SoS w.e.f Fall 2023)

Contact Details:

Department of Management Sciences

Incharge, BS(Business Data Analytics): Ms. Sarah Tariq

Telephone: +92-51-90495316


Admission Office

Faculty Block II Ground Floor, COMSATS University Islamabad, Islamabad

Telephone: +92-51-9247000 +92-51-9247002 +92-51-9049802


Student Testimonials:

Ch. Hamza Rab Nawaz

I'm currently enrolled in the first semester of Business Data Analytics. My experience has been great as this degree provides me with knowledge of business as well as data science. The faculty is experienced, highly qualified, helpful, and cooperative. The focus is to encourage students to become entrepreneurs. I would highly recommend this program to all as it will enable them to not only dream big but also equip them with a skill set which will help them in achieving their dream.

Ch. Hamza Rab Nawaz
Class of Spring 2026

Eman Fatima

I’m currently enrolled in the third semester of BS(Business Data Analytics). The program itself provides knowledge on collecting, processing, and analyzing data to derive valuable insights and support decision-making within a business or organization. Degree in Business Data Analytics is best for students who have interest in business, technology and computers(software) as this degree is a mix of business subjects and computing technologies. The goal purely is to produce entrepreneurs. The faculty is always there to lend a hand if students face any problem. Joining BDA will lead to a brighter future only if together, we will focus on enhancing our skills!

Eman Fatima
Class of Spring 2026