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The Department of Electrical Engineering has following well equipped labs:

  1. Digital Logic Design Lab
  2. Electric Circuit Lab
  3. Electronics Lab
  4. Physics Lab
  5. CAD Lab
  6. Cisco (Data Networking) Lab
  7. Electric Machines Lab
  8. Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab

Digital Logic Design Lab:

This is well equipped lab for performing all tasks of digital logic design like application of gates, full and half adder, subtraction module, multiplier, divider, digital clock, RAM/ROM implementation etc.

Electric Circuit lab:

Verification of electrical properties of multiple linear and non-linear circuit elements, and designing of voltage divider, current divider, Norton’s circuit, Thevenin circuit and analysis of multiple circuit theorems are carried out in this lab.

Electronics lab:

Electronics is advance level of electric circuits. Students get familiarize themselves with many new nonlinear circuit elements and verify their current-voltage characteristics through their datasheets and by analyzing them practically. Students will be able to design UPS, power supplies and many other such circuits on their own by the end of course.

Physics Lab:

Laws of physics are represented and students are encouraged to implement different physics related tasks.

CAD Lab:

In Computer Aided Design lab, engineering drawing stays under focus. Manual engineering drawing as well as CAD tools is discussed. By the end of session student will be to visualize different views of same electrical and mechanical components and can design few of them on their own.

Cisco (Data Networking) Lab:

Networking related tasks such as packet tracing, switching, socket programming, routing, interconnecting CISCO networking devices, configuring routers and switches etc are carried out in this lab.

Electric Machines Lab:

It is a well equipped lab with AC and DC Machines. Experiments on Transformer Tests, Transformer Connections, Motors and Generators characteristics’ analysis can be carried out.

Electrical Measurements and Instrumentation Lab:

It is a well equipped lab where the tasks including Pressure transducers, Pressure Control Trainer, Temperature transducers, Digital to analogue conversion trainer, Earth resistance measurement and Megger tests can be performed.

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