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The current research focus of the group is the designing of Biosensors for the detection and indication of the level of respective biochemical and/or bio-organism in a provided sample. The research work carrying out is in direct contact with the dairy industry and the bio-telemetry. The team members are highly aware with the challenges and requirements of the modern world and the territory. They are motivated and ready to meet these challenges.

Members: Dr. Syed Aftab Naqvi; Mr. Saqlain Shah; Ms. Sidra Saleem; Ms. Tehreem Saeed

Applied Electromagnetics and Modern Antenna

The research group is working on the designing and analysis of the antennas used in the modern electronic devices i.e., MIMO antennas, LTE antennas etc. Application of electromagnetic theories in the designing of modern devices like electromagnetic cloak, conformal surfaces is the parallel focus of the research group. The group members like the challenging environment and always ready to accomplish them.

Members: Dr. Syed Aftab Naqvi; Dr. Nazar M. Idrees; Mr. Saqlain Shah; Ms. Sidra Saleem;

Signal Processing for Modern Wireless Communication Systems

The research group is motivated to contribute in the field of wireless communications by providing new algorithms to achieve high data rate. Currently, group members are working on estimation, tracking and modeling of time-variant mobile radio channels under high speed scenarios for the modern wireless communications systems e.g. LTE, LTE-A. Accurate knowledge of the mobile radio channel at the receiver is essential to achieve high data rate. Group members have already designed a MatLab based LTE standard conformed baseband simulator to investigate new channel estimation techniques.

Members: Dr. Nazar M. Idrees, Dr. Syed Aftab Naqvi; Mr. Saqlain Shah; Ahsan Bin tufail; Maulana Yasin; Abu-bakr;Ms. Ruba Zaheer

Optimization of Energy Efficiency of Electronic Devices

This research group is focused to work towards the optimization of energy consumed by Electronic devices. Energy conservation methodologies and techniques shall be devised to attain the aforementioned objective. Currently, various state-of-the-art optimization approaches are employed and tested to acquire desired results. The research group shall be strengthened by the knowledge of individuals who can concoct intelligent additions to the existing research status of the group.

Members: Dr. Saeeda Usman , Asad Ali, Junaid Saeed , Muhammad Ali

Image Processing and Computer Vision Research Group

Image Processing and Computer Vision Research Group entails to address the latest problems and challenges of image processing and computer vision. This group would primarily be concerned with development of image processing tools and prototypes. In the domain of image processing, initially the group would try to implement a pilot project on Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Hand-Gesture Recognition system for silent speakers. This research group would also try to develop its expertise in Human Action Recognition and Content-based Image/Video Retrieval and Remote Sensing using Satellite imaging. Whereas in the area of computer vision, our research group would try to investigate various techniques of non-rigid structure from motion, 3D reconstruction of rigid structures from archaeological images. Video Registration and Mosaicking are considered to be important challenges which would also be addressed.

Members: Mr. Tasweer Ahmad, Dr. Nazar Muhammad Idrees

Power Electronics and Optimal Control Research Group

The main aim of the research group is to design and develop novel optimal and predictive control techniques for the power electronic converters. The group strengths lie in the hardware design and prototyping of various power electronic converters including dc-dc converters, dc-ac inverters, resonant converters and switched mode power supplies. The group is quite active on the application of model predictive control to dc-dc converters. Further, the research interests include but not limited to electric machine drives, high frequency transformers/inductors designing and robust control techniques.

Members:Dr. Saeeda Usman , Muhammad Ali , Junaid Saeed ,Amna Bashir

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