• Thursday, March 24, 2016

  • CUI

  • AbdulRehman Yasir

COMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) is a partner instituteof “Prime Minister's National ICT R&D Fund Scholarship Program”. Ourstudents are awarded Full Funded Scholarship and Boarding & Lodging by ICTR&D Fund.

The students of Spring 2012 semester (Batch-II) at CIIT Sahiwal campus havebeen graduated recently and “three (03) ICT R&D Fund scholars at CIITSahiwal campus have been awarded medals” in recognition of their excellentacademic performance in "84th Convocation" held at CIIT Sahiwal on March18, 2016.

Listof medalists is as under:

  • Hafiz Muhammad Amir Sharif CIIT/SP12-BCS-110/SWL Institute Bronze and
    Campus Gold.
  • Mr. Muhammad Abrar Ashraf CIIT/SP12-BCS-109/SWL Campus Silver.
  • Ms. RahamaShahid CIIT/SP12-BCS-111/SWL Campus Bronze

We are highly thankful to the management of ICT R&D Fund for supporting
such students to further their studies without financial worries.