• Monday, November 27, 2023

  • CUI

  • International Office

Visit of Afghan and HEC Delegation

A delegation comprises of officials of Government and different universities of Afghanistan, representatives of HEC visited CUI on Monday October 17, 2023 to explore opportunities for collaboration. The visit commenced with a warm welcome from Dr. Hammad Omer, Head of International Office, CUI, who provided an insightful tour of the campus, highlighting the various academic departments and state-of-the-art facilities, including the Junaid Zaidi Library and its advanced technologies. A formal meeting was held to discuss potential areas of collaboration. Dr. Omer presented an overview of CUI, covering its academic structure, research initiatives, and international recognition.

Mr. Jehanzeb Khan, Project Director HEC briefed about the purpose of the visit of Afghan delegation. He emphasized that Government of Afghanistan is facing shortage of technical human resource in the field of education, engineering, agriculture, IT, banking and finance etc.

Dr. Rafiullah Ata, Chancellor of Afghan International Islamic University Afghanistan, informed that Government of Afghanistan is keen to invest in youth for the training and higher education.  He requested immediate support from CUI to grow and develop educational infrastructure in Afghanistan.

Dr. Hammad Omer, In-charge International office, expressed to extend full support of CUI to help Afghanistan in various fields including education, technology, engineering banking and finance.  The following was resolved:  

  • CUI may train technical staff of Afghan universities in the fields of IT, Engineering. Economics, Banking & Finance and other identified fields.

  • CUI may offer Master and PhD programs to uplift the education of faculty of Afghan universities in the relevant fields identified by Afghan government. 

  • CUI may offer students exchange program (for 1-2) semesters for Afghan faculty members and students for research at CUI and give access to its laboratories and labs.

  • Senior faculty members form CUI may visit Afghan universities for short term as well as semester duration to teach Afghan faculty and students.

  • CUI may offer online teaching facilities to the faculty and students of Afghan universities.

  • CUI and Afghan officials / researchers will identify the areas of research and collaboration to raise research activities of Afghan universities.

  • CUI may include faculty of Afghan universities in the editorial boards of different journals of CUI.

  • CUI may assist Afghan scholars in writing their research articles, MS and PhD research thesis and publishing research in international journals.

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