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The attachment is about the APO Regional Award aims to recognition to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the cause of increasing productivity and thereby to give further impetus to the promotion of the productivity movement throughout the region, both from the public and private sectors and from profit and not-for-profit organizations. 
The awardee shall receive a gold medal, monetary prize of USD 3,000/-, Certificate co-signed by the Chairman of the APO Governing Body and the APO Secretary-General.
individuals who have made outstanding contributions, with significant impact or achievements in the Asia-Pacific
region, in any one or more of the following categories shall be eligible for nomination:
a) Policy, strategic thinking, leadership, and management: Excellence in policy formulation and strategic thinking, or leadership and management, which enables new, innovative ideas for productivity improvernent, leading to enhanced, sustainable productivity movements, institution building, and institutional cooperation for improving productivity in the region.
b) Methodology, tools, and techniques: Development of new, innovative methodology, tools. and techniques for increasing productivity in the reglon thror-rgh onsite activities or through research, publications, and disseminating ski11s, knowledge, and ideas.
In this context, it is submitted that the nominations on prescribed application form (attached) along with all required documents may please be submitted to this office latest by Thursday i.e 31 August 2023 through the Director of concerned Campus for further processing and onward submission to Asian Productivity Organization, Islamabad. 

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