• Monday, September 26, 2022

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Senior Internationalization officer calls on Head of Department Turkish Studies at NUML University- Dr. Sibel Bayram.

To reach out to the Turkish academic community in Islamabad, Mr. Arif Awan SPO (Internationalization) made a cordial courtesy call on the Head of Department (Turkish Studies) at NUML, Dr. Sibel Bayram.

Dr. Bayram has been in Islamabad since sometimes, so this visit was long due. She leads the teaching of Turkish language at NUML University that offers instruction at very affordable rates.

For your information, Turkish language is a very rich language with many common words with urdu and to your absolute surprise, the Turkish language as a member of Turkic languages is spoken in over 30 countries worldwide.

Surely, learning Turkish can open up enormous study abroad opportunities and that too at a cost equivalent not much higher than in Pakistan.

Should anyone need further encouragement to start his/her journey on the Turkish language please feel free to contact Mr. Arif Awan.

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Email: arif_awan@comsats.edu.pk