• Monday, December 27, 2021

  • CUI

  • CCRD

Currently air pollution is a big problem in Pakistan, our metropolitan cities including, Lahore and Karachi are ranking among the most polluted worldwide. For raising awareness on air pollution, CCRD organized a training/workshop on air quality monitoring at COMSATS University Islamabad.  Faculty and students of the CUI participated in this training workshop.

This training workshop was kick-off with recitation of the holy verse, and welcome remarks of the professor Athar Hussain, head CCRD. Dr. Mohsin Raza, Assistant professor, CCRD delivered a brief lecture on the air pollution, source of air pollution, and its impacts on our daily life especially on health and current situation of air pollution in the world and in Pakistan. He also gave some recommendations about how we can reduce our emission from vehicles, industrial activity such as brick kilns, factories, and power plants, and crop burning. Dr. Mohsin also discussed about the methods of air quality monitoring. Mr. Muhammad Zahir gave a brief introduction about air visual pro monitoring device, how it is monitoring different parameters like carbon dioxide (CO2 PPM), fine particulate matter in size of (PM 2. 5 μg/m³).

Participants were divided into different groups for hands on training by using air visual pro monitoring device. Participants monitored indoor air quality as well as outdoor air quality by using air visual pro monitoring device.