• Friday, November 5, 2021

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The Student Startup Business Center (SSBC), CUI Wah Campus organized a seminar on "Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges" on November 3rd, 2021. Dr. Muhammad Sohail Khan, Lecturer (Department of Management Sciences)/ Focal Person SSBC Wah Campus, discussed the purpose of establishing Student Start-up Business Center (SSBC). Dr. Khan further discussed that how SSBC aimed to support and motivate talented students towards initiating their own startup ventures. SSBC will do this by offering necessary support both in the form of mentoring and getting initial financial funding.
The Guest Speaker, Muneeb Ahmed (CEO and Founder, ECOLAD) shared his experience of starting his own startup (ECOLAD). Mr. Ahmed discussed in detail the idea generation process and challenges that he and his team faces in establishing his own startup. Dr. Ahmed further discussed the characteristics of becoming a good entrepreneur, clarity of idea and the importance of failure. To motivate the audience he discussed the success stories of several entrepreneurs. He ended his talk by stating the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and how one’s startup should aim to incorporate this dimension along with being commercially viable.
Dr. Khan invited students for Q&A session. Dr. Khan and Mr. Ahmed answered the students’ questions. Most of them were interested in understanding how they can generate and pitch their ideas to evaluators. Dr. Khan assured that SSBC will be conducting similar seminars/workshops for students in the future.
The seminar ended with the closing note from Professor. Dr. Muhammad Abid (Director CUI Wah Campus). Dr. Abid thanked the speaker and presented him with COMSATS Wah Camps shield and Alumni bag as a souvenir. In his closing remarks, Professor. Dr. Muhammad Abid thanked SSBC team for arranging this seminar and assured students that believing in themselves will help them in leading this world.

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