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An orientation session was arranged on September 22, 2021 at CUI Wah Campus for 12 International Students of Harbin Engineering University (HEU) joining CUI Wah Campus as exchange students under the signed MoU between CUI and HEU. The purpose of the session was to acknowledge the efforts and cooperation of both sides as well as to get the students introduced with CUI Wah Campus, facilitation and processes.

Dr. Niaz Ahmed representing HEU at CUI hosted the meeting. He welcomed and introduced the participants on both sides that include:

  1. Prof. ZHAO Yu-xin, Vice President of HEU

  2. Prof. FAN Zhaobing, Director of International Office, HEU

  3. Prof. QIAO Gang, Dean of College of Underwater Acoustics Engineering, HEU \

  4. Dr. DING Xin, Vice-Director of International Office, HEU

  5. Dr. DING Xuezhong, Vice Dean of College of International Cooperative Education

  6. Prof. ZHANG Hai-gang, Vice Dean of College of Underwater Acoustics Engineering

  7. Prof. LIU Songzuo, Assistant Dean of College of Underwater Acoustics Engineering

  8. Ms. YIN Hua, Project Officer, International Office, HEU

Participants of COMSATS University Islamabad (CUI), Wah Campus are:

  1. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Director Campus/HoD, Mechanical Engineering

  2. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Saeed, HoD Civil Engineering

  3. Dr. Muhammad Wasif, Associate Professor/ HoD Computer Science

  4. Dr. Abdul Qayyum, Associate Professor/HoD Management Sciences

  5. Dr. Muhammad Naeem, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

  6. Dr. Muhammad Altaf, Associate Professor, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering

  7. Dr. Shabieh Farwah, Assistant Professor/HoD Mathematics

  8. Dr. Muhammad Shoaib Naseem, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  9. Dr. Muhammad Abid, Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

  10. Dr. Muhammad Barkat Ullah, Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering 1

  11. Dr. Jawwad Ahmad, Additional Registrar, CUI Wah Campus

The Director CUI Wah Campus, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid had the opening remarks where he welcomed the students of HEU as well as the faculty member Dr. Niaz Ahmed, and assured them all possible facilitations regarding research and other activities at CUI Wah Campus. He further thanked Vice President of HEU, Prof. ZHAO Yu-Xin and accompanied professors for gracing this occasion. Prof. Abid also thanked Rector CUI for all facilitation and guidance and Mr. Ali Tawab, Head International Office CUI for his all efforts and facilitation in getting the MoU signed between CUI and HEU.

From HEU, the Vice President, Prof. Zhao Yu Xin addressed the ceremony where he highlighted the friendly relations of Pakistan and China and acknowledged the potential on both sides. Prof Zhao also mentioned a brief history of the series of efforts being done in order to strengthen the cooperation between HEU and CUI as well as stressed the need of creating more and more opportunities.

Both Prof Abid and Prof Zhao appreciated efforts of Dr. Niaz Ahmed for bridging the gap between the two universities and agreed that this exchange student program is just a beginning. Both sides will continue their efforts to carry out the important activities that are already planned and initiated including but not limited to China Pakistan Marine Information workshop, Frontiers of Information Technology (FIT) conference, development of UWA state-of-the-art Lab, development of curriculum/joint teaching and research from both sides as a way forward.

At the end, one of the exchange students: Muhammad Mohsin on the behalf of all the students thanked both HEU and CUI for facilitating their studies and research work. The ceremony was concluded with the exchange of greetings and gratitude between the two sides.

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Orientation, Fall 2021