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The webinar “Restore Our Earth” was organized online on April 29, 2021 to highlight the importance of our mother land by taking initiatives of saving the atmosphere from increasing heat-trapping emissions in air, fuel burning and industrial fossils. The technologies, views and innovative ideas of experts were presented with the aim of spreading civic sense of saving the earth from climate changes and to remind the community that earth is providing life and sustenance and that each of us now has the responsibility of managing natural resources for the protection of earth. Measures taken to hold the land with the trust to keep land healthy for our future generation was deliberated.
The message of the UN Secretary-General was also presented which he delivered on April 22, 2021 on the recognition of Earth Day celebrations mentioned the protection and threats facing our planet. To raise the importance by imparting earth secretion through green houses and changes in weather patterns were presented through audio and video messages of participants including researchers, students, faculty members and school kids, organizers and UNESCO Members.
The guest speaker, Dr. Hassan Abbas presented his talk on the significance of water resources, earth system assessment, impacts of climate change and its vulnerabilities on natural and human environments including ocean, sea-ice, land area, ice sheets and crustal rocks. More than 100 researchers, students, faculty members and school kids from UET Taxila, NUST, CUST, Swedish College, Fatima Jinnah University, University of Wah, Beacon House School, Roots International Wah, Sir Syed College Wah, CUI Wah Campus and CUI Islamabad Campus, organizers and UNESCO Members attended and participated in webinar for sharing their ideas and views vis Audio/Video recorded messages for making earth mother land greener and cleaner.
On the event the UNESCO Chair on Knowledge Systems for Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abid in his closing remarks emphasized on saving earth by adopting sustainable practices and its requirements for the people across the globe. As today's year theme “Restore Our Earth” focuses on natural emerging green technologies and innovative thinking that can restore the earth eco systems. The chair acknowledged the efforts of UNESCO resource person Engr. Summera Fahmi (Lecturer, Civil Engineering) and her team on organizing webinar in befitting manner and appreciates the resource person for his valuable talk and participants for their active contribution. At the end the live question and answer session was also organized. The whole event was conducted successfully.

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