• Monday, July 20, 2020

  • CUI

  • Shama Munir

UNESCO Chair on Knowledge Systems for IWRM supervised Training Activity at campus level. The main focus of the activity was to enlighten the importance of water conservation. Various activities were arranged to encourage students to conserve drinking water resources and to motivate the students to use water sparingly by saving each drop. The save water campaign was to develop Civic Sense of conserving natural resources and to create awareness regarding the optimal use of water and water conservation for long term sustainable human development. In the Campus auditorium, a special documentary was played highlighting and stressing the awareness and realization of the activity theme. The students also shared their views and suggestions on how to use water sparingly to avoid its misuse.
Students displayed handmade pamphlets highlighting water saving and conservation. A walk was also organized within campus premises to spread the Save Water Save Life awareness. 
Key outcomes from the activity: 
  1. Water Conservation
  2. Motivation to spread awareness
  3. Civic Sense
  4. Practical Implementation
  5. Social Responsibility

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