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UNESCO Chair on Knowledge Systems for IWRM nominated Engr. Summera Fahmi and Engr. Sundeerah Choudhary to attend the training on ‘’Solid Waste Management’’ from January 21- 25, 2019 in Islamabad organized by the Abdul  Hameed Khan National Centre for Rural Development Islamabad. The training was encouraging and motivating to introduce integrated solid waste management practices. The general perception on the prevailing conventional waste management practices (collect and dispose) was changed after the training.

During Training following points were addressed:

  1. Solid Waste Management in Pakistan: Policy, Issues and Challenges
  2. Sustainable Environment Management: Concept and Issues
  3. Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Storage and Handling Techniques
  4. Planning of Municipal Solid Waste Collection
  5. Planning the Transport system in Solid Waste Management
  6. Integrated Solid Waste Management
  7. Pakistan first ever Sanitary Landfill-Case Study
  8. Briefing on Integrated Resource Recovery Centre

Field visit of Albayrak Waste Management Company and Integrated Resource Recovery center were also the part of the said training.

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