Program Overview

In the wake of COVID-19 pandemic it is essential to develop a thorough understanding of viruses around us. The Master of Science in virology at department of Bioscience provides you with the best opportunity to get theoretical and experimental understanding of viruses in general as well as related to Pakistan environment . We offer dynamic courses and varied research projects including human viruses, veterinary as well as bacterial viruses. Admission in this discipline enables you to have a thorough understanding of viruses that cause our daily problems.

Entry Requirements

  1. BS degree (16-year education) in the relevant field is required.
  2. Candidates should not have third divisions in their academic careers.
  3. A CGPA 2.5/4 in semester system and first division (60% marks) in annual system.
  4. NTS GAT General with 50% marks.

Research Opportunities

Molecular Virology Labs (MVL) at the department of Biosciences provide its students with dynamic research opportunities including basic as well as applied. We are working on human viruses such as Dengue (DENV) and Hepatitis B virus. We are also working on veterinary viruses of bovine origin such as FMDV, BLV and Lumpy skin viruses (LSDV) as well as epidemiological understanding of virus distribution in ecological niches for viruses such as polio , norovirus , astrovirus and other RNA viruses. We are also working on finding alternative cures for MDR enteric bacteria using bacteriophage therapy. We also tested these bacteriophages for MDR bacterial biofilm disruptions and prevention.

Career Prospects

Students trained in MVL, CUI can have hands on experience on research techniques that enable them to win jobs in laboratories, academia as well as public health institutes. In the wake of corona there is a dire need to train more and more virologists and develop an understanding of viruses in our field.

Scholarships available

Admitted students are offered a range of different merit as well as need-based scholarship opportunities from higher education commission of Pakistan. In some funded projects of different faculty members, generous scholarships are also offered to the admitted students based on merit and their academic achievements.