Master of Science (MS) in Microbiology and Immunology


The Department of Biosciences offers MS level courses to advance study in MS degree in Microbiology and Immunology as the highest level of education available through university degree program. The focus of this degree program is on the application of advanced scientific knowledge and techniques to study major microbial groups, microbial physiology and nutrition, applications of microbial processes for biotechnological applications including food and pharmaceutical industry, disease mechanisms, transmission, and control.


An MS scholar will have to complete minimum of 30 credit hours by undertaking 24 credit hours course work from approved Scheme of Studies and 6 credit hours of MS Thesis. Curriculum of the MS Molecular Genetics includes: -

  1. Core courses (see graduate prospectus for details)
  2. Elective courses (see graduate prospectus for details)
  3. Thesis research: 6 credit hours thesis research is mandatory for getting MS Molecular Genetics degree. Research work followed by thesis writing and final thesis defense in the presence of an examination committee comprising external examiner, internal examiner, supervisor and HOD or his/her representative.

For detailed information regarding courses and other relevant details consult Graduate Handbook and admission prospectus.

Research Opportunities:

Faculty in the department have expertise in public health microbiology, food microbiology, biotechnology, advanced biofuel technology, microbial genomics, molecular bacteriology, virology, immunology, and discipline-based research.

Career Opportunities:

The MS graduates will be equipped with advanced professional knowledge to pursue career paths in public health sector, industry, or academia

Admission Requirements:

  1. BS degree (16-year education) in the relevant field is required.
  2. Candidates should not have third divisions in their academic careers.
  3. A CGPA 2.5/4 in semester system and first division (60% marks) in annual system.
  4. NTS GAT General with 50% marks or above.

Scholarships Offered:

Admitted students are offered a range of different merit as well as need-based scholarship opportunities from higher education commission of Pakistan. In some funded projects of different faculty members, generous scholarships are also offered to the admitted students based on merit and their academic achievements.