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Master of Science in
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Master of Science in Art Education

The Master of Science in Art Education (AED) program offered by Department of Art and Design, COMSATS University Islamabad, provides a comprehensive platform for individuals passionate about art education to develop advanced pedagogical skills, engage in critical analysis, and make a positive impact in the field. Graduates emerge as highly competent and reflective practitioners, equipped to meet the evolving challenges and opportunities in the realm of the art academia and the professional sphere.

Program Objectives:

The Master of Science in Art Education (AED) degree offered by Department of Art and Design, COMSATS University Islamabad is a comprehensive and specialized program designed to enhance the knowledge and skills of individuals interested in developing as Art Educators. The program aims to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Pedagogical Knowledge: The MS Art Education program equips students with advanced pedagogical theories and practices in art education. Students develop a deep understanding of instructional methods, curriculum design, assessment strategies, and educational psychology specific to the field of art.
  2. Critical Analysis and Research Skills: Through rigorous coursework and research-based projects, students are encouraged to develop critical thinking and analytical skills. They learn to conduct research, analyse educational trends, and contribute to the existing body of knowledge in art education.
  3. Professional Development: The MS Art Education program focuses on the professional development of individuals, enabling them to become effective educators and leaders in the field of art education. Students gain insights into contemporary issues, innovative teaching methodologies, and emerging technologies relevant to art education.
  4. Cultural and Community Engagement: The program emphasizes the importance of cultural and community engagement in art education. Students explore ways to integrate local cultural perspectives, promote diversity, and foster inclusive learning environments that celebrate artistic expression.

Career Opportunities:

The MS Art Education degree opens a wide range of career opportunities for graduates in the field of art education. Some potential career paths include:

  1. Art Teacher: Graduates can pursue teaching positions in schools, colleges, and universities, providing instruction in art and related disciplines. They can inspire and nurture the creativity of students, helping them develop artistic skills and appreciation.
  2. Curriculum Developer: MS Art Education graduates can work as curriculum developers, designing art education programs, and instructional materials. They can contribute to shaping art curricula that align with national standards and cater to the diverse needs of students.
  3. Art Program Coordinator: Graduates can take up roles as art program coordinators, overseeing and managing art programs in educational institutions or community organizations. They may be responsible for organizing exhibitions, workshops, and art-related events.
  4. Education Consultant: With their specialized knowledge and expertise, MS Art Education graduates can work as education consultants, providing guidance and support to educational institutions in enhancing their art education programs and initiatives.
  5. Researcher or Academician: The MS Art Education program prepares students for research and academic careers in the field of art education. Graduates can pursue doctoral studies and contribute to research and scholarship in art education, influencing policy and practice in the field.

Admission Criteria:

  1. A 16 Year degree in the relevant field from an accredited educational institution, with minimum First Division (annual system) or CGPA 2.5/4.0 (semester system) and no third division (annual system) or 'D' grade (semester system) throughout the academic career.
  2. A NTS GAT (General) with minimum 50 score (must be valid on the date of admission).
  3. The departmental admission test for MS Art Education shall be compromised of Portfolio of work and Interview.
  4. All other terms and conditions regarding Graduate programs approved by the Competent Authority from time to time shall be applicable.

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