MBA Executive 2-years

An Executive MBA program provides an opportunity for professionals to obtain a Master's degree in Business Administration on a schedule that minimizes disruption of work and personal pursuits. This two year MBA (Exe) program will meet the increasing demand for advanced business education which will not only combine text book learning with case study methodology but will also expose professionals to a competitive environment which will facilitate development of their conceptual skills as well as personal growth. It builds on the strengths of our full-time MBA program, and offers rigorous studies. Professional Managers, Leading Industrialist, Learned Senior Faculty and consultants build leadership and analytical skills; a must for SMART Managers.

Entry Requirements

  • 14 years of education in relevant field with four years of work experience having minimum of 2.0/4.0 CGPA
  • (semester system) or 50% marks (annual system)
  • Valid NTS test score as per CIIT policy


  • Minimum: 4 Semesters; 2 years
  • Maximum: 6 Semesters; 3 years